Tuesday, August 11, 2009

New Colour Combo & Card Size

Hi All.

Just a really quick post today, didn't get round to posting this morning, and of course afternoon time is rather hectic in this household!

This is a card I made last week. The image is another one that Paola so kindly stamped for me. She is such a sweetie! I have never used yellow & purple together, but when I stood back and looked at this card I loved it!!! It's also a long card, which I don't do often at all, but I found it was actually a really nice size to work with. Anyway....

Hope you are all having a fab week so far, it's hot as heck here in Dundee today!


ursula in RSA said...

I must agree the yellow and purple look very good together. Lovely card. Enjoy the warmthe, I think it will be cold again for a few days. Ursulaxxx

paola said...

I took a page out of your book and used the same colors, they look so fab together you clever girl. I even found some DP lurking around the shop with yellow and purple how lucky is that.
chat soon
you're jumping ahead in leaps and bounds, by the way do you still want a white gell pen, got them in stock