Monday, September 29, 2008

A Happy Hello

A Happy Hello to you all this fine Monday morning! It's a gorgeous day here in Dundee, slightly windy but otherwise the weather is lovely. The boys are home for the holidays, so it's always nice not to have to get up early and rush around. I went for a run at about 8am and it was such a nice way to start the day.

So how was your weekend? Mine was so nice, really relaxing and lots of nice time spent together as a family at home. I did spend a good portion of time busy with my RSA Christmas Gift Exchange, I didn't realise the deadline was quite so soon, so I was busy making 29 gift packets, won't tell you what my gift, cause some of the RSA ladies read my blog, but it is taking me ages!!! I need to do some more when I am finished here.

The card I am posting today was so much fun to make. I seem to be making card in batches of about 5 at a time, at the moment, and this was just a single card I made for fun. It was quick and easy to do!! Hope you like it.

Enjoy the rest of your week.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

I finally own a Cupcake Stamp!!

From the day I started stamping, I wanted a cupcake stamp, and finally recently I got me some. I had ordered these stamps from Niki Zipp from Paperchain in Joburg ages ago, and they finally arrived. To say I was over the moon is an understatement! I had ordered 4 sets of Hero Arts stamps and am so happy with them. The quality of Hero Arts stamps are excellent, and I have been extra happy with each stamp I have bought.

So here is just a quick post of my first cupcake card. I had so much fun colouring it and putting this card together, I can't wait to use all the other stamps in the set.

Hope you are having a nice weekend. It has been freezing here, we had so much rain yesterday. I am so happy, we have needed it desperately, so hopefully now my garden will come to life and I will be able to see all the plants that are hiding away, and my grass can turn green. I am so enjoying my new garden and now that the rains have come I can start planting some flowers for colour. What has the weather been like where you are?

Friday, September 19, 2008

Another week gone!

So much for me posting more this week! It's been another hectic and full week. I am looking forward to next week, the boys have only got 3 days of school, and those 3 days they are finishing early. I love it when the boys are on school holidays, it means a lot less running around and just quiet quality time at home!!

Today I am going to post some photos for a change. You will not have seen any pics of my other boys, and I just wanted to show you what handsome boys I have! Hope that didn't sound too boastful. LOL.

These photos were taken at the boys athletics day which was held on Monday this week. The first one is Caide, he is my oldest and is 9. He is my more sensitive and serious child, but has the biggest heart. He has been my special soul since the day he was born. He is so helpful with Jamie, and adores his baby brother. He is very sporty.

This is Bryce. My middle child. He is totally different to Caide. Not very serious, he is totally innocent and happy. He is very carefree and affectionate and also loves Jamie to bits. He is always trying to kiss Jamie, which drives Jamie mad. He is also sporty, but not as competitive as Caide. He is the blond boy on the left, with the huge grin. He doesn't mind his mom taking photos of him!

These photos were taken over the weekend. I just adore Jamie's naked little body, I want to eat him up!

I am also going to post another of Jamie's scrapbook pages. I will try and scan some of the other boys pages over the weekend. They will love to see their pages on my site. This page is of his 9 month milestones. I LOVE the expressions I captured for this page. Don't you think his blinky blinky face is gorgeous!

Hope you all have a nice weekend. I believe it is going to be cold this weekend. The weather we are having at the moment is crazy!! Freezing cold one day, and then hot as heck the next. Hope the weather treats you well where ever you are!

Monday, September 15, 2008

It's been a week!!

My goal for the week ahead is to post more!!! If I try hard enough, maybe I will finally hit the 1000 hits mark. It has been a rather long time coming, hasn't it?!?

Last week flew, as they seem to be doing at the moment. Ray has battled all week with his finger, and has been to the doctor 4 or 5 times, it got infected and he has been in absolute agony!! Who would have thought a cat bite would lead to so much pain and discomfort for him. It is still not right (a week later!!) and I am not quite sure what the next course of action is going to be.

This morning I went to Caide & Bryce's athletics day, it was SO much fun. I am really blessed to be a SAHM, so I can always attend these events. I got some gorgeous action shots, so can't wait to scrapbook them. I also need to do some scrapping for my client this week, she brought me some more photos to scrap, so I am really chuffed!

I am finally going to show you another "thank-you" card I made using one of "Stamp 'n Stuff's" flower stamps. This was a different colour combo for me, but I like how it turned out. The stamp can be found under the "Flowers" section, obviously, and is No. 767H and is only R16.50. I am so impressed with the prices of the stamps at "Stamp 'n Stuff", they are so reasonable!

I have more scrapbook pages and another card to post later on in the week, so be sure to check back. O.K?

Monday, September 8, 2008

Life is Full

I have once again been a very slack blogger. Funny how sometimes it is really important to you that you do blog on a regular basis, and then at other times it doesn't seem that important at all!! I suppose if I had more people viewing my blog, it may be more of a priority for me, but things are a bit slow in that department!! Not too sure what I could do to pick up more regular viewers, any suggestions would be great, PLEASE!

It has been a rather hectic start to the week for us. Last night we had ANOTHER intruder cat come into our house looking for our cat Socks. It is a huge problem we are having, cats fighting is the worst noise to wake up to, it sounds like a baby crying terribly. Anyway, last night hubby and I jumped up to try and catch the cat that keeps coming in, and this stupid cat actually attacked Ray, it bit down onto his finger and wouldn't let go!! Needless to say, he was in absolute agony. He says he has never experienced anything more sore. So both of us didn't get too much sleep last night.

Then this morning one of Ray's staff members phoned him in a panic saying that she is going into labour. She asked him to come and pick her up, he raced out to the taxi rank where she lives only to find out that she was actually at the taxi rank here in town. I have been phoning the hospital to try and track her down, and no-one can find her. SO......

Anyway, still haven't gotten around to taking a photo of my latest card, so it's another scrapbook layout I am afraid. Hopefully there are also some scrapbookers who visit my blog, so I am sure it will be o.k.

This page is one I created to document the changes that were going on in little Jamie's life, and how much I am enjoying him and each and every stage.

Hope you all have a good week. It is stinking hot and dry here today, I hope and pray the rains come soon.

Monday, September 1, 2008

A new little Venture for Me!

Hi All.

Sorry I have been a bit scarce! I used my full amount of ADSL before the end of the month, and to use dial-up takes ages, so new month and more time on-line, yay!! I was going into serious withdrawal!!

So to explain the title of my blog today. I have been asked to scrapbook for a friend of mine. She is an extremely talented sportswoman, and leads a very busy life, so I am going to scrap her pages for her, and earn a bit of pocket money while doing it! So I am really chuffed, hopefully others will see her pages and I may pick up a bit more business. It has always been a dream of mine to make a bit of money doing what I love, so please hold thumbs for me that this turns out the way I want it to. I don't want to make bags of money, just enough to be able to buy more scrapping and stamping stuff!!!

So in that vein, I will post a scrapbook lo today. I have not been doing much cardmaking lately, it's been all about the scrapping at the moment, but I did make a few more "thank-you" cards with another of Stamp 'n Stuff's lovely stamps. I just need to take a photo first!

The lo I am posting today is just a simple one I did of when Jamie started trying to crawl, it was so cute to watch!

Have a great week everyone!