Friday, September 19, 2008

Another week gone!

So much for me posting more this week! It's been another hectic and full week. I am looking forward to next week, the boys have only got 3 days of school, and those 3 days they are finishing early. I love it when the boys are on school holidays, it means a lot less running around and just quiet quality time at home!!

Today I am going to post some photos for a change. You will not have seen any pics of my other boys, and I just wanted to show you what handsome boys I have! Hope that didn't sound too boastful. LOL.

These photos were taken at the boys athletics day which was held on Monday this week. The first one is Caide, he is my oldest and is 9. He is my more sensitive and serious child, but has the biggest heart. He has been my special soul since the day he was born. He is so helpful with Jamie, and adores his baby brother. He is very sporty.

This is Bryce. My middle child. He is totally different to Caide. Not very serious, he is totally innocent and happy. He is very carefree and affectionate and also loves Jamie to bits. He is always trying to kiss Jamie, which drives Jamie mad. He is also sporty, but not as competitive as Caide. He is the blond boy on the left, with the huge grin. He doesn't mind his mom taking photos of him!

These photos were taken over the weekend. I just adore Jamie's naked little body, I want to eat him up!

I am also going to post another of Jamie's scrapbook pages. I will try and scan some of the other boys pages over the weekend. They will love to see their pages on my site. This page is of his 9 month milestones. I LOVE the expressions I captured for this page. Don't you think his blinky blinky face is gorgeous!

Hope you all have a nice weekend. I believe it is going to be cold this weekend. The weather we are having at the moment is crazy!! Freezing cold one day, and then hot as heck the next. Hope the weather treats you well where ever you are!

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