Monday, September 8, 2008

Life is Full

I have once again been a very slack blogger. Funny how sometimes it is really important to you that you do blog on a regular basis, and then at other times it doesn't seem that important at all!! I suppose if I had more people viewing my blog, it may be more of a priority for me, but things are a bit slow in that department!! Not too sure what I could do to pick up more regular viewers, any suggestions would be great, PLEASE!

It has been a rather hectic start to the week for us. Last night we had ANOTHER intruder cat come into our house looking for our cat Socks. It is a huge problem we are having, cats fighting is the worst noise to wake up to, it sounds like a baby crying terribly. Anyway, last night hubby and I jumped up to try and catch the cat that keeps coming in, and this stupid cat actually attacked Ray, it bit down onto his finger and wouldn't let go!! Needless to say, he was in absolute agony. He says he has never experienced anything more sore. So both of us didn't get too much sleep last night.

Then this morning one of Ray's staff members phoned him in a panic saying that she is going into labour. She asked him to come and pick her up, he raced out to the taxi rank where she lives only to find out that she was actually at the taxi rank here in town. I have been phoning the hospital to try and track her down, and no-one can find her. SO......

Anyway, still haven't gotten around to taking a photo of my latest card, so it's another scrapbook layout I am afraid. Hopefully there are also some scrapbookers who visit my blog, so I am sure it will be o.k.

This page is one I created to document the changes that were going on in little Jamie's life, and how much I am enjoying him and each and every stage.

Hope you all have a good week. It is stinking hot and dry here today, I hope and pray the rains come soon.

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