Friday, July 9, 2010

Say it in - Chocolate & Orange with Annabelle Stamps

Morning everyone. As you can see from the title above our challenge is to create a card with the colours Chocolate & Orange. What a yummy combination!!!

But.....I am having problems with my computer and not one of my USB ports are working, so I cannot upload my card!!! I made it yesterday, using the lovely new "tree-MEN-dous" set and made a fab card, took a photo of it, and then realised that I wouldn't be able to upload it to my computer. (I am pulling my hair out here!!)

I am sending it in to our computer guy today, so if he has any luck and is able to fix the problem I will add my card to this post!!

Please stop by the other DT girls blogs to check out their wonderful Chocolate & Orange creations to get some inspiration and then get creating!! Link your card to the Annabelle Blog when you are finished. Hope to see you back here soon!

O.K, so after loading my camera programme onto hubby's computer & then e-mailing my photos back to myself I am finally able to add my photos to this post at 5:55am. What a mission!!!
P.S. My computer guy says I may have to get a new computer, OMG, is he mad???


Kylie said...

Hope you get your computer problems fixed soon Rene!
There's nothing worse than a computer stressing you out lol!
I can't wait to see your card!

Enjoy your weekend,
Kylie X

Sue W said...

Oooh dear, don't you hate it when the computer lets you down????? Hope you get it fixed s.a.p.

I really loved your blue circle card from last week (by the way). Hope you and yours are all well. x

Andrea said...

I'm glad I popped back Rene', your card looks fabulous!

chilli pip said...

Rene, i really think this is one of the best cards you have made it is so stylish .Dont know what it is that is so appealing but it just sits so well together.
Jeppers i sound like a judge on Idols but my comments are sincere

Michelle said...

Wow what a great card Rene. You did a top job. It's a great set to play with

bluestorm said...

Hey Ne'
Although we, your adoring fans, love your cards, WE WANT PROJECT LIFE BACK! Hope you get your computer fixed soon or, worst case scenario get a new one. Tell Ray to check out for some great laptop prices - a friend of mine owns the company.
Love you!

Kylie said...

It was Worth the wait to view your card Rene lol!
It's AWESOME! I love what you have done with this set, just awesome!

Kylie X

Anonymous said...

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