Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Project Life: Week 28/02-6/03

Thanks for dropping by my blog again today. Wow it's been a hectic week so far, I didn't even think I was going to find the time to load my Project Life photos today!!

MONDAY: I LOVE my new phone. It came as quite a surprise for me when Ray phoned me today and asked me if I wanted a new phone. Of course I did!! My old one was looking a little bit worse for wear!! This is one that Debbie had got as an upgrade and it had sat in our safe at work for months.

TUESDAY: Jamie has not been well for a day or two, so we took him to Dr. Schwellnus this morning, and he diagnosed an ear infection and the beginning of broncitis!! Oh no!! We are really blessed to have such awesome doctors in Dundee, they are super special and are so good with my kids!

WEDNESDAY: These beans come off Bryce's bean plant that he has been growing since last year. It was a school project that started with a bean and some cotton wool, and it is now a strong and sturdy bean plant growing in our veggie patch!

THURSDAY: My brinjals are the vegetable that has grown the best in my patch so far. Super easy to grow, and the brinjals the plants are producing are just spectacular. Can't wait to eat one!!

FRIDAY: I realised a dream today!! I have been wanting to go to the "Cotton Tale" fabric shop in Hillcrest for months and months. And wow was it worth the wait. When I walked in I didn't know what to do with myself. SO much gorgeous quilting fabric. I was in heaven!! :)

SATURDAY: Brycie amusing his 2 cousins no end. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this photo of the cousins playing on the beach together. We spent a lovely day with Kimmy and Allan and the girls at the Scottburgh caravan park, it was just a pity Jamie was so miserable all day, he missed out on a lot of fun!

SUNDAY: We got to meet Lauren's new boyfriend Geoff this weekend too, and what a nice guy he is!! I am so happy for her that she has met such a stable, creative and special person, he really brings out the best in her. Anyway, he is a photographer, so we were all lucky enough to have him take some photos for us, I adore this photo!

Thanks so much for taking the time to drop by, I so appreciate any comments that are left!! :)



packmom said...

Awesome family photo-says so much about the closeness of your family. Those veggie shots are amazing too and the one at the dr.--love it. I always forget to bring my camera to the drs. but you inspire me not to next time.

Jessica said...

What great photos again this week! Love the bean shot and the one of you in the fabric quilt shop is adorable. You look like a little kid in a candy store, so sweet. The photo of you family is great! Love that love is so transmitted in the looks you are giving one another! Have a fabulous week. hugs, Jessica

Sharon Keanly said...

Hi honey, just love your Project Life pic's this week. Your doctor looks a honey... your veggies are awesome... wow and gosh... I would have known where to look or which fabric to touch if I were in that shop... can't wait to see what you purchased and read what you'll be making... my type of shop... hugs Sharon x

Erin said...

Oh my goodness. In love with that fabric store!!

bluestorm said...

Hey darling, hope your week has slowed down a bit! Just love your photos again....the shopper, the gardner, the mom and the home maker...you are a package all wrapped in one. I love and miss you all and will talk to you soon.
Lots of loves and hugs to all the boys!

bluestorm said...

Hey Ne'
It would seem Mom somehow used my account to send you a message! Such awesome photos this week. The family shot came out so nicely - I really do have a gem of a man, don't I? So enjoyed the time that we all spent together this past weekend - was very special.
Lots of love

chilli pip said...

Great pictures, love the family snap and the one of you looking like a kid in a candy store!

alison290 said...

What a great family photo Rene and the fabric store one...I reckon that's how I lok when I go into a Scrapbooking store!