Wednesday, March 30, 2011

WIP Wednesday - My Thermal

Just thought I would share the progress on my Thermal sweater. It's slow going, but a nice easy knit which is exactly what I need right now. This pattern is available as a free download over at Ravelry!

So what project are you busy with right now? Are you knitting, quilting, crocheting or sewing? I would love to know what is grabbing your fancy at the moment!! :)


Linda said...

Hello Dear Friend:)
Your WIP is so beautiful!! I love the colour. I am busy with a knitted vest and cardigan for Erin and spinning too:)

Jolanda said...

Hey Sweetie,what a beauty....pretty color,i bet i looks good on you!!
I only handmade cloths for me,wish i could!!
Have a very nice day.

Anonymous said...

Hi love, just tried calling you, no reply! I have been battling for 2 days to get on to your blog, must be a problem my side, but it is ok now! Just love the new look and the pic of my sulky boy is too beautiful...those lashes!! You are such as busy Liz and your new project is stunning, wish I had the patience! Keep up the sharing darling, I love you lots and will talk to you soon.

Cheryl said...

I am finishing up a baby afghan for my grandson.

Alison said...

Like Jolanda, I'm a paper person...I used to knit but haven't done so in your project!
Alison xx