Friday, May 4, 2012

My Current W.I.P.

Natural Suburbia

It was a short work week for us here in South Africa, so Friday rolled around quite quickly for us!!

So today I am going to share my current Work In Progress with you. I am knitting a cowl called the Honey Cowl, it's a free pattern available over at Ravelry (the best knitting, spinning, crocheting site ever!!!) , and I am using my own handspun yarn. I am LOVING (x 1000000000000), how rich the colours are knitting up. In the past I have lost a lot of colour in my yarns when washing them, but thanks to my friend Carle, I now know what I need to do in order to set the colour in my yarn.

The roving that I used for this yarn was purchased from Carle, you can find some of her lovely products in her Etsy shop HERE.

I am linking up to my other knitty friend, Linda's Creative Friday

Anyway, that's all for me today, I am off to sit down with my knitting and a cup of tea! :)


Carol said...

Love your yarn Rene, the colours are beautiful. It's ages since I did any knitting! Carol x

Desire Fourie said...

Nice to meet a fellow South African here in blog land. Love the colours you are knitting with here.

ursula Uphof said...

Rene, lovely yarn you are knitting with. You are very clever. I have some knitting going, but nothing as exotic as your homemade yarn. I did some knitting with this yarn while on holiday in The Netherlands, and found some scarves for the DIL's and nieces for winter coming up.

Sharon said...

Love your yarn honey and it's also been far too long since I got hold of my knitting needles. I used to love knitting for Kendall when she was younger. Now she can't stand wool against her skin!!! Enjoy and keep posting your lovely pics. I want to see how this cowl jersey is going to turn out. hugs Sharon xx

Linda said...

Hello my friend!
I just love this colourway, I am so looking forward to seeing the finished item.
xo xo