Saturday, May 24, 2008

Card Set for my Gran.

Hello all.

Hope you are all having a great weekend. Saturday passed in a flash for me. We went to a friends house to watch the rugby, and had a lovely breakfast brunch. What a disappointment the rugby was. The Sharks played so badly, almost the complete opposite team to the one who played so well last weekend. Oh well...

Today I am going to load pics of the cards I have made for my gran for her birthday. My gran is the dearest person in the world, but is really difficult to buy presents for. She doesn't really need anything, so when I thought of this idea I was so chuffed! She really loves to send cards to people, but being a pensioner, its an expense she can't really afford. Greeting cards are very expensive here in SA!

I made her 4 different cards. Three of each, so hopefully that will keep her going for a while. Now I just need to find a nice way to package them. Any suggestions would be great!

Enjoy what is left of the weekend!


Niki Estes said...

Great cards, Rene. I really love the colors on the last one!

Wendy said...

WOW, all these cards are beautiful, Rene! I love that you used your Cuttlebug on wach of them. I think it adds such a elegant look. Nice job! :)

Hope you had a great weekend!

Wendy said...

Opps! I didn't go back and reread what I typed. **wach = each**

Sorry about the misspelled word.

Dale - KD Crafts said...

Hi René,

There's a really simple way of presenting cards as a gift - I taught this at one of my card classes last year. I've copied and pasted, so if it doesn't look good, let me know to send it direct to your e-mail addy.

 KD Crafts Studio November 2007
Box of Blessings
1. A 1m roll of the ‘close weave’ corrugated cardboard shouldn’t cost you more than about R5 from Plastilon.
As a rule, you should be able to cut in-between the grooves. So, measure in 16cm and cut along the ‘valley’ groove nearest. Then trim them 21cm long. You need 2 cut the same size.
2. For the base, measure 2cm in from each edge on the one piece and make a pencil mark. Then take a ruler and score across four times. Fold the edges in. Now cut – only 4 cuts!! Choose either the narrow or the long edge and do the same both sides, cutting just to the join.
3. Use a glue gun to put a little onto the ‘flaps’, one at a time and hold together till joined. Ignore the glue ‘strings’, you can pull them away afterwards.
4. For the lid, measure in 1.7cm (3mm smaller than the base). Repeat as above, but BEFORE you glue it, cut a hole for the plastic window. (I made an x-ray template, measuring 8½ x 13cm). Cut out with a craft knife and blade. Cut the clear base / acetate / transparency plastic 10½ x 15cm. Put thin double-sided tape around the hole (on the flat side!!) and stick the plastic on. Now assemble the flaps as above.
5. As a finishing touch, cut a length from the big roll, about 3 ‘mountains’ wide. Glue it all around the down flaps of the lid, closest to the edge, not the fold.
You will be able to fit at least 5 cards and envelopes into the box to give away as a gift.

Love, Dale (RSA)