Tuesday, June 3, 2008

I'm Back!!

Hi All,

No, I haven't disappeared from the face of the earth. Just had a few problems with our Internet here at home. Thankfully my hubby sorted it out last night, I am now back up and running.

Life is really hectic at the moment so I don't know how much time I will be spending here over the next month, see we are renovating our new house!! I am so excited. We got the keys over the weekend, so I have been spending quite a lot of time up there.

The builders started yesterday pulling up tiles and taking out walls etc, I had 5 guys in the garden pulling all the big bushes out so we can put up the fence, the electrical guys were there to chase the walls for all the wires. In other words, chaos!! But I was amazed and so pleased with what they achieved in just one day, so just hold thumbs for me it continues to go as smoothly.

Just one pic to upload today. These are 2 cards I made for family friends who lost there elderly father & husband. My first "sympathy" type card.

Hope you are all keeping well. Speak to you soon.


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