Monday, June 23, 2008

A quick post for the Week

I have a few minutes to spare, so thought I would quickly post to my blog. Both boys came home from school with no homework, so, Yay, I have a few minutes for myself. They are busy playing outside right now, so I had better make it quick.

Wow, this renovation business certainly is aging! I now, just want it to be over. It is going right down to the wire with everything!! I am going back to the house tonight to put the final coat of paint onto the kitchen carcases before the kitchen guy comes in (hopefully!!!) tomorrow to put on the new unit doors.

And, to top it all off, I seem to be getting flu. Sniff, sniff!

Today's card is one I made three of, each with a different sentiment. This one went into the post for my Gran's birthday, which was this last weekend. And an update, she just LOVES the card set I made for her, which was featured in one of my previous posts.

As you may have gathered I don't as yet have a huge range of stamps, and besides a few Hero Arts stamps, most are "Best Rubber Stamps" stamps. This one is no. 806L. This is also one of my favs, the lady looks so dippy watering her flowers! This one took quite a long time to colour in, I hope you can pick up the detail from the photo. I did quite a lot of blending. The sentiment is by Hero Arts. There are 6 in a set, and they are the perfect size. These I purchased from Nikki who owns a Joburg based company called Paperchain.

Not too sure if I am going to get another chance to post before the move, so if I don't I will speak to you as soon as the dust has settled. Excuse the pun!!

Enjoy the stamping!


Anonymous said...

You poor thing. Getting sick when there is so much that has to get done before, during and after the move.
I hope you don't get terribly sick and will be able to function.

The gardener looks cute. You did a nice job coloring.

Laurie in MN, USA

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your new home!!! So sorry you aren't feeling so good - I'm so glad that old flu doesn't stop you making cards! LOL!
Your blending is great in this card and I love the cute owl thank yous from your last post.

Doris said...

Just finished scrolling down your whole blog and left a comment on your first post. Your cards are very well done!