Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Baby Beanies

Hello All.

Wow we had nearly 40mm of rain last night, it was gorgeous! I am really enjoying the cooler weather, hope it lasts. I see in the USA they are having lots of snow, wonder if it is as nice to live with, as it looks in all the photos you see in people's blogs?!?

Today my gorgeous little boy is modeling 2 beanies I have made for him. The blue one is one I made for him last winter. I remember finishing it, and thinking how clever I was! This winter I will be tackling much more advanced patterns! I finished the cream one just before Christmas. I made it a few rows longer, so it is a bit bigger for him, I am sure he will grow into it, it is still a few months before he will be able to start wearing it. Thankfully he loves hats, so I don't have a problem keeping them on him.

Tomorrow I will post a photo of the thank-you cards I made for my family. Til then!


Anonymous said...

Hi darling - what beautiful beanies! He looks absolutely precious in them - you are really clever - will have to put in an order for Trev for winter! Love you lots and lots

SimonSaysStamp.com said...

OH WOW! You are clever! My lil' 18 month old loves hats too! Isn't this age fun!!!