Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Project Life ~ 19 April - 25 April

Wow, once again can't believe how quickly Tuesday comes around every week!! Wish things would slow down a bit!!

So again, I would like to say thanks to everyone who checks out my Project Life photos. I LOVE reading all the comments I get, and it is awesome the "friendships" I have created with ladies from all over the world!! So...here are my latest photos, it was quite a full week!

19 April:

We had a huge storm today, it hit while I was out, so I tried to get home quite rapidly. I love storms and rain, when it gets all dark and gloomy. Luckily here we don't get hurricanes or tornadoes, so a good storm is just wonderful. And just look at the wonderful sight that greeted us after the storm. A double rainbow!! It was stunning, unfortunately my camera didn't capture it quite as well as I would have liked!

20 April:

The boys were due to have quite a full day today, school and then Bryce was going to have hockey and bulletjies rugby, so I made sure they had lots of food in their lunch-boxes to keep them going throughout the day!

21 April:

I LOVE this photo of my gorgeous boys in the bath. My heart just wants to burst with the love I have for you!! What's extra cute about this photo is the way Jamie is trying to hide his privates!!

22 April:

I did my good deed for the day this morning when I rescued this shrew from our swimming pool. It was just too cute. The boys were fascinated!! Bryce was brave enough to touch it, but they all got a huge fright when it squeaked it's disapproval at being touched!!

23 April:

Today Ray had to go into our local Provincial hospital to have some repairs done to his vasectomy which he had done nearly 2 years ago. It really was a doozy of a day, and I was exhausted by the end of it. I nearly got a fine for not stopping completely at the stop sign and not wearing my seat belt, thankfully the kind traffic cop let me off with a warning. I was SO relieved!! I developed an awful tummy bug, and had to rush home from the hospital to go to the loo, later on in the day I found out Caide and Bryce had had it at school too. And then there was of course poor Ray. Turned out there was a LOT of scar tissue the doctors had to work through so the procedure took a bit longer than they anticipated! He seemed to come out of the anesthetic o.k though (so grateful for this, I was a bit worried about this aspect!). The doctors and nurses were all great, but the actual conditions in the hospital were not, (as you can see from the photo!), so we got out of there as soon as possible. When at home I was able to get Ray comfortable in his own bed. What a day!!!

24 April:

Today we went out to Debbie's farm for a family gathering. It was a freezing cold day so we all had to wrap up nice and warmly. It is a wonderful farm, very picturesque, so I was in my element taking photos of the boys. They had a blast on the old go-cart, Jamie loved being pushed around!! I can't wait to print out the photos and do some nice scrapbook pages!

25 April:

I LOVE this photo of Caide and his huge Lego house. He tipped out the whole box of Lego on his bed and played for ages. I am so happy about the fact that he is not too big or cool to play constructively like this. So happy to capture his pride in his creation in this photo!

Thanks for visiting me again. Hope you have a great week ahead.
p.s. If you want to see a bigger version of the photo just click on it! (that's for you Mom x)


Sue W said...

Hope you're much recovered Rene! Sounds as though life is busy in your neck of the woods!
You must be coming into warmer weather over there as we go into our winter. Is that right! See you next Thursday on ABS! x

Delane said...

Wonderful pictures, I love the rainbow one - beautiful!
So sorry to hear you and your family had a rough week...hope you are on the road to recovery.
I have to ask, what is a shrew? It looks like what we call a vole. They destroy your lawn, and we would never save one! What sweet girl you are!!

Susan said...

Enjoyed sharing your week Renee!

That hospital bed looked pretty bad.

Loved the pic of the boys in the tub, funny!!

And that rainbow, I've never seen a anything that BEAUTIFUL, ever.

Glad you got that one!


Bev said...

Great pics this week. I also love the one of the boys in the bath tub.

Becki said...

Hope your husband is feeling well. The rainbow picture is awesome! Have a great week!

Tamara said...

Love your pictures this week! The rainbow was amazing. The farm looks like a slice of heaven. The shrew was also adorable. Hope your hubby is healing nicely. Have a great week-until next Tuesday!

Jana Eubank said...

Thanks so much for your sweet note on my blog! I'm glad you found me, too, and I can't wait to get to know you better. :) Beautiful pictures from your week!

Misty said...

Hi Rene,

I'm about 10 weeks behind in PL, and was just checking in to see how others were doing. Good for you! LOVE your pics!! I would have saved the shrew too :)

Ross and Taya said...

Incredible photos! You've done a great job of giving a glimpse into life on another continent. Keep it up!

ccolopy said...

Great pictures!

twolittletots said...

Sounds like a week you had. I hope everyone is doing better.

Thanks for stopping by the other day...and I will be back to see what is happening on Friday!

dawn said...

I always love your pictures, the rainbow is beautiful. I have one of those but nearly as beautiful as yours. The bathtub picture is so cute, can't believe they all fit in there. Sorry to hear about your unlucky week, hope all is getting better. Congrats on all the wonderful scrapping news. I love all your layouts and cards. Have a great weekend

dawn said...

I forgot to mention what a TOTALLY COOL LEGO HOUSE THAT IS.!! My son still gets his out from time to time.