Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Project Life ~ 29 March - 4 April

Hi everyone. Hope you had a wonderful Easter weekend. I had a lovely weekend, spent lots of quality time with my Mom, Trev & sister, and ate way too much food. What did you get up to?? Whatever you did, I hope it was good.

Thanks for joining me again here this week. I have been spending a lot of time learning more about Photoshop, I have learnt more about Actions, and with the help of my graphic designer sister Lauren, have learnt to do a lot more things. So... if you notice a difference in my photos, that's why! Hope you enjoy your time here.

29 March:

When I got back from work today I wanted to make the boys lunch, they wanted to go riding with their mates!! I told them I wouldn't be making food later, so they would have to sort themselves out. This is just what Caide did! I love that he is getting more independent, and wow, he makes a mean cheese & chutney sandwich!

30 March:

In the colder months I like to make my hair a bit darker, it makes me feel a bit more warm, and I love the richness of it. So yesterday, I went and had a bit of a pamper, and had my hair cut & coloured. I am really happy with it. Bryce took this photo for me.

31 March:

Today was a wet & gloomy day. It was lovely!! I love weather like this. So in the afternoon I let the boys play on the computer. They love to play Age of Empires which is a strategy game. They certainly have their Dad's genes when it comes to computers!

1 April:

Today I received my parcel from Annabelle Stamps. This is the company I do Design Team work for (which I love!!). I adore getting goodies in the post, and today I certainly wasn't disappointed. It's always nice to get your creative juices flowing with new products!

2 April:

Mom, Trev & Lauren arrived today to spend the Easter weekend with us. I love it when the family visits us here in Dundee. Of course the boys LOVE their Gran, and I was so happy to be able to capture this photo of Jamie fast asleep on his Granny's lap. Pure contentment!

3 April:

I love this photo of us all goofing around in front of the mirror. I love my funny little family to death!!

4 April:

We had a wonderful Easter Sunday. They boy's had a fun egg hunt (the first in this wonderful garden), and each found a nice big stash of eggs. We had Hot Cross Buns for morning tea, and then Ray cooked us 2 nice chickens on the Webber which we had with potato bake and roasted veggies. It was a lovely relaxing day, and it was wonderful to spend time together.

Thanks for visiting me again this week!!


Anonymous said...

Hi my love, so happy to be able to be a part of your blog! We had a lovely weekend with you all and am already missing you all like crazy! Thanks again for the special time and can't wait for June! Love you all so much!

dawn said...

I enjoyed all your photos. Your haircolor is really pretty, I would like that, usually I get blond highlights. It's always nice when grandparents come to visit. That's a nice photo of your boys for Easter.Thanks for sharing and have a good week.

Nancy said...

Hi Rene',

Thanks for the comments this week. I am taking the photography class from Jessica Sprague. http://www.jessicasprague.com/
I am in the Oh Shoot class. I love it. I think the instructor is having a portrait class in April.

Have a great week.

Bev said...

Love all the fun pictures!

debbie said...

I always look forward to your pictures, Rene'. That's a great picture of you - so pretty!

Spicy Magnolia said...

These are great pictures, Rene'! I am such a novice photographer, I really don't do anything special with mine, but I'm so fascinated with Photoshop. You're doing a great job. I like your hair, too. I am not a stamper, but I love creative art projects and so receiving a package like the one you got in the mail would absolutely make my day. Thanks for sharing!

brad & lesley said...

Your boys are so handsome! :)

Cariena said...

love your goodies you got ( i am also PATHETIC when it comes to parcels - i will drop everything and run after one!!!) and i LOVE the fact that you did an egg hunt!! great eggs! your hair is also looking A1!!