Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Project Life ~ 5 April - 11 April

It's that time of the week again, Tuesday always seems to roll around quite quickly. Luckily with me taking a photo a day, I can remember something special about what happened on each day that whizzes by!! Thanks for dropping by and I hope you enjoy taking the time to look at my photos.

5 April:

I had my sister Lauren here over the Easter weekend and she gave me a lovely long lesson on Photoshop. On Monday I spent a good portion of the day playing with my photos, improving the quality and changing the look of the photos with the Actions that I had downloaded. I love being able to do this.

6 April:

While I sit at my scrap desk Jamie sometimes gets his colouring book and colours in on the floor next to me. On this day I had to colour in with him!! I love this photo and the angle that I managed to take the shot from. Hopefully he has a bit of his Mom's creative genes!

7 April:

Today Jamie was playing on the box in the lounge with a stick and a tennis ball, and he was playing pool. Don't know where he learnt to do that!! He really is so good at amusing himself and comes up with the funniest little games. I took some photos of him playing and then managed to get him to "pose" for me. I LOVE this shot!!

8 April:

The Soccer World cup is just around the corner, and we are all trying to get into the spirit. Ray bought the boys these supporters wrist bands and they love to wear them! Go Bafana Bafana!

9 April:

I have even gotten in on the action, and bought myself a supporters shirt. I wore it to work today for Casual Friday. It was actually quite fun to wear because people looked at me a lot when I went to the bank today. It's good to try and be positive with all the anger and tension that is going on around us in our country at the moment!

10 April:

Every Saturday morning Ray takes the boys into town to do the shopping for the weekend. I LOVE that he does this. It means that I get an hour of quiet time to potter around the house or to spend some time crafting. Unfortunately that hour normally passes in a flash!!

11 April:

So far in our Project Life album I haven't got a photo of Ray and I together. So... on our way to church this morning I asked Caide to take a photo of us. I am so blessed to be married to such an awesome man who does so much for me and the boys. I love you babe!

Thanks for visiting me again this week.


relene said...

I also do the "a photo a day" project. Have been doing it for just over a month now, and love the idea of looking back at my life one day... Really love your photos too. :D

And congrats for being POTW over at Scrapbook Challenges!

Anonymous said...

Hi angel
Wow, what lovely photos and posts this week. Just love them all! Congrats on your being pic of the week on the scrap challenge...it is such a cute page! wish I could get my mojo back....keep it up darling. Love you!

dawn said...

I enjoyed all your pictures. Jamie is so cute, love the posed picture of him. Love your shirt and the boys braclets. Your husband is great to do that for you. My husband does all kinds of errands for me also. Great picture of the two of you. I looked at your layouts and card and really like them. Great colors and style.Have a good week.

dawn said...

Thanks for letting me know you watch Army Wives also. The 4th season just started for us. Have you watched it from the beginning?

The Allens said...

These pictures are great. That one of Jamie posing is awesome.

Amy said...

You're doing such a great job of capturing your "life moments". I enjoy looking at your photos.

Anonymous said...

Great pictures! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Emily said...

Wonderful picture... as usual! Is that first one you were editing of all the boys peeing outside? HILARIOUS!

Bev said...

Great photos again this week. I love the photo of you and your man! See you next week!

Becki said...

Hi Rene! I have been trying for sooo long to leave a comment and have never been able to (the computer locks up!) I LOVE all your pictures! And your scrapbook page is too cute! Love to see other's layouts! Thanks for visiting my blog. I hope I won't have troubles visiting you anymore! :-)

debbie said...

So many great pictures! The one you took of Jamie posing is very professional-looking.