Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Project Life ~ 24 May - 30 May

Thanks for dropping by again this week to view my Project Life photos, I hope you enjoy your time here!

24 May:

Today I wanted to take a photo of my view as I sit in the car waiting to pick up the boys after school. Both Caide & Bryce thought I was mad when they say me sitting in the car trying to take a photo of them!!

25 May:

Today I decided to take a close-up photo of the beautiful orange honey-suckle bush that grows by our front door, it really does make a beautiful show, and I love it!!

26 May:

As you may know I am an obsessive scrapbooker, it is a hobby I have been passionate about since 2005. For me this is a huge creative outlet, and the fact that I am preserving my families memories vividly is awesome. Today I wanted to take a photo of my flower drawer, the colours and textures in this drawer make me happy!! :)

27 May:

The boys were playing in the drive-way AGAIN this afternoon, and today I wanted to get a photo of Jamie whizzing down the drive on his black bike. He takes after his brothers and is a little dare-devil. I love the way this photo turned out!

28 May:

This morning we woke up to the most breath-taking sunrise. It was absolutely gorgeous!! It was so strong and vivid that it cast the whole inside of the house with a soft pink glow. A very special way to start the day!

29 May:

Yesterday Ray came home with a big South African flag which we have now placed on our front verandah. We are trying to get into the spirit of the World Cup Soccer and show that we are proudly South African!!

30 May:

Lately Jamie loves to lie on the floor to watch t.v. His favourite is Ben 10. I really need to do a scrapbook page on his Ben obsession. Anyway, today he fell asleep while watching t.v., and I just had to take a photo of his adorable pose.

Hope you are all keeping well. We are having a very busy week here. It is Caide's birthday tomorrow. Can't believe my baby is turning 11. I wish the time would slow down!!


ursula Uphof said...

Love looking at your photos. That sunrise is something else. We are so blessed in this country, and it is amazing to see everyone getting ionto the spirit with all the flags. Even my car is sporting a flag. Warm wishes

Linda said...

Hello my friend,
All your photos are so beautiful! Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving a comment about my dad while he was ill:) I have actually been spinning over this weekend. I made a few batts and spun them, it was fun:) Have a wonderful day,

dawn said...

I love your pictures this week. Beautiful orange flowers and an even more beautiful sunrise picture. I love taking pictures of that and sunsets. Beautiful way to start and end a day. Nice flag too good for all of you putting it up. I love love your flower drawer, so neat and organized. I love flowers on my pages too. Have a good week.

Sharon Keanly said...

An enjoyable read once again Rene and the pics are fabby. Warm wishes, Sharon

Delane said...

Great pics again this week Rene! Your plant is amazing, such a beautiful orange. I wish we could grow plants like that here....but the snow would kill it! The picture of Jamie in the driveway is great. You captured his concentration so well!
Love seeing into your life each week!

Jessica said...

Your photos are great this week! I love the orange flower one and am totally jealous of your flower drawer. I think I'll go home and copy your idea!