Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Project Life: Week 14/02-20/02

NapTime MomTog Project 365

Thanks so much for coming back to view my photos from last week. I am so glad you are here!

MONDAY: Valentines Day was quite a low key affair for us this year. Little token gifts, and a normal work and school day!!

TUESDAY: On Sunday we had a bit of a mishap in the swimming pool. Bryce and I had done a lovely trick of him doing a back flip off my shoulders. The second time around it didn't work as well, and he landed on my head. It was so sore I nearly passed out!

WEDNESDAY: It was Ray's moms' birthday on the 11th and will be Ray's on the 18th. Ray cooked a delicious macaroni and cheese for all of us. It was delicious!

THURSDAY: It was the boys Valentines Disco at school tonight. They were both quite excited about it, and had a lovely time. They were a bit tired the morning after though!!

FRIDAY: Today was a very big and busy day for us. The boys both had their school gala and did exceptionally well!! Brycie got 3 first places, out of his 5 races. I am so proud of how his swimming has improved!! Caide did exceptionally well and was awarded the Senior Victor Ludorum trophy. And then of course it was Ray's 40th birthday!!! We headed off for Drakensville straight after the gala. This photo is of us at supper on Friday night.

SATURDAY: Today was a bit overcast, so in the morning we enjoyed a game of family putt-putt. Ray won the game and I was in a close second place. It was loads of fun!

SUNDAY: Me and my gorgeous boys in the pool. This is where we spent most of the weekend. It was bliss!!

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Jolanda said...

Rene,what a lovely family you have...so nice to see...beautiful boys!!!(thats the pride of a mom hey...!!)And your blue eye...owe that sounds bad,hope youre oke now!!!
Have a very nice day!!!

salme said...

You have such gorgeous sons! Hope your eye is feeling a lot better!

Sarah Halstead said...

Gosh you are making me jealous with all these pool photos! Hope your eye is better, that looks painful. Have a great week. Thanks for linking up. :)

bluestorm said...

Hey Ne'
Thanks for posting those pics for us. That eye looks horrific - perhaps you and Bryce should limit your pool acrobatics from now on! So proud of my boys for having done so well at their gala - seems Bryce could be in line for that Victor Ludorum in time too.
Have a great week and will chat to you soon.

Anonymous said...

Hey darl
Stunning pics again, and I am so proud of the boys and their achievements...keeping up the family history and all that! Your eye looked so sore darling, hope it is better and that there is no permanent damage. It will take a long while for it to be back to normal. Glad that Ray's birthday was a good one for him...cant believe he is 40!! He is catching me up!! I love you all and cant wait for your visit.
Hugs and kisses, Mom

Jessica said...

Your boys are just adorable!!! You eye looks terrible! I bet you did about pass out. I hope you are feeling better now. Have a fabulous week, the weather looks beautiful there!

dawn said...

Love your pictures for the week. Your poor eye though, hope it's doing better. Congrats on the boys swimming. Love the picture of you/boys in your pool, it looks beautiful. We have snow/cold again so I'm a little jealous of your warm weather. Your boys look handsome for their disco night. Happy Birthday to your husband. Have another good week.

alison290 said...

OOh Rene, that is a cracker of an eye...hope it's healing!. Love your weekly round up xx

Sue Kohler said...

good golly your eye looks sore!! the ups and downs of a Mum! love your family photos, a gorgeous family! :)