Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Project Life: Week 24/01-30/01

Thanks so much for dropping by again today. I am still loving taking my photo every day, and at this stage sometimes have more than one, and then need to decide which one I am going to use!! Here are my photos from last week:

MONDAY: Bryce is my academic and organised boy!!! He does his homework without too much fuss every afternoon, and every evening before he goes to bed he lays out his school clothes and sports stuff for the next day. I LOVE this!!!!

TUESDAY: My sister Kim had her 3rd daughter today. Her name is Jenna Rose Trevisan and she weighed a whopping 4.3kg. Yup, my sis makes BIG babies. I can't wait to go down to Scottburgh to meet her!! (Photo taken by my Mom!)

WEDNESDAY: This is how my family lounge looked Wednesday through to Friday, I stayed home from work to supervise (which meant I got way behind at work!!). Thankfully all the rain damage is now repaired and I have a lovely freshly painted lounge.

THURSDAY: A very special part of my day lately is checking on the chicks to see how many eggs they have laid. Jamie for some reason is quite scared on them (maybe because they think his cute little toes look like worms, and they like to occasionally peck at them). Anyway, he was crying and getting quite hysterical, so I sent him out of the hock. This is him sulking about it!! :)

FRIDAY: On a Friday night Caide, Bryce Jamie and I like to go and watch "Wipe-Outs" in our bedroom. Caide and Bryce play chess while they watch, Jamie just plays and I sit and knit. It is lovely!!

SATURDAY: Today Caide and I spent a good 2 hours in the kitchen preparing canned tomatoes. This is a first for us, but it was for a project he has to do at school, and it was a practise run for us, because we want to do this again when our own tomatoes are ripe.

SUNDAY: I have spent way more time in the kitchen this weekend, than I normally do!! Today I tried to make a quiche for the first time, and it turned out to be delicious!

Thanks so much for stopping by today. I would love for you to say "Hi" while you are here. Enjoy the rest of your week :)

P.S. For those of you that may be interested I am getting my Becky Higgins Project life kit from the CRAFT HOUSE in New Zealand (they are still waiting for stock), so if you want to get your hands on a kit go and pre-order one before they are all sold out AGAIN!!


bluestorm said...

Hey Né
A busy week as usual, I see. Things have been hectic here too - I went to see Kimmy on Sunday (I'll mail you the pics). Geoff and I photographed a triplet first birthday party on Saturday too. And then I have my appointment with the specialist on Thursday to see if the operation to repair my tendon was successful.
Speak soon!

Jolanda said...

So nice to have a peek in your life!!!Beautiful pictures and congrats with the birth of you lovely baby neice!!!Have a very nice day René!!!(one my of my girlfriends was on a vacation in SA...she loved it...)

Anonymous said...

Hi love, what lovely pics this week. I just love that Bryce is so meticulous! A chip off the old block! You have such a special life darling...you are truly blessed with a wonderful family and I love you all so much. And I would love that recipe of the quiche....it looks devine.
Have a special day. Love you lots and lots Mom

Jessica said...

Great photos this week Rene'! The quiche looks delish and the one of your boys is just a precious simple memory. I too just love Project Life. I'm so glad you got the rain damage fixed, I know that was quite the headache. Have a wonderful week!

dawn said...

Love your photos for the week. What a pretty name for your niece, always liked that name and my daughter is Summer Rose, it's just so pretty. Happy to hear your family room is back together again and repaired. The first picture is cute and will be great for him to read when he's older. Love all the food your making, it looks yummy. We love to watch Wipeout too. Have a good week.

Steph said...

There must be something about Wipeout and boys. My four year old looooves that show. Afterwards, he tries to reenact it.

Christie said...

You have great picture Rene! Looks like a fun week. Congrats on the birth of your neice. Enjoy this week ahead.

dawn said...

Hi again Renee,

Thank you for your comments. I had to laugh about you wanting snow in your area. We are so so tired of seeing it everyday. To top it off a big snow/ice/sleet/wind storm is blowing thru 15 cities and we are one of them. The kids are home today and most likely will be again tomorrow. So thank you for sending some sunny wishes for us we need it. lol

Kelli said...

yummy food and such fun wipe out days I love it :)

Sharon Keanly said...

I love your Project Life pics René... keep posting them. Thanks for sharing a little bit of your life with us. If mine were as interesting, I'd be doing the same, but it isn't...LOL You sound like a real homely person, just like me. Being a working girl, there's nothing nicer than trekking home on a Friday afternoon with the weekend ahead... relaxing and spending time with the people you love! Have a super crafting week, hugs Sharon x

Stephanie said...

Such great pictures - that quiche looks amazing! Thanks for stopping by my blog and thanks for sharing your pictures. Hope your kit comes SOON!