Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Project Life: Week 31/01-06/02

Welcome back to my blog today. Hope you enjoy the little peak into what went on in our life last week:

MONDAY: Jamie pulled out his ark that his Granny gave him for his 1st birthday and was playing me tune after tune on the little piano part. It was just too cute!! He is in his little costume because Monday is swimming lesson day!

TUESDAY: This is the extent of Jamie's nap every day. A little power doze on the trip out to fetch the boys at Uelzen!

WEDNESDAY: I made my AnnaBelle Challenge card this morning, and this is how my desk looked afterwards. VERY messy, but oh how worth it. I love being creative, it gives me such joy!

THURSDAY: The boys were heading off for school when I turned around and saw this adorable sight. Jamie using his slop as a mode of transport for Noah and 4 Arms AKA Ben Ten!! :)

FRIDAY: It being Friday, I thought it would be nice to take a treat to work, a Wimpy muffin for Ray and I and a mega Hot Chocolate for me, yummy. Must confess I did feel a bit sick and guilty afterwards :(

SATURDAY: Jamie ADORES Billy. He loves to cuddle and play with him, and Billy just lies there and takes it. He is such a special dog. Today Jamie was giving Billy loves, and he called me and asked me to take a photo. Of course I couldn't say no!!

SUNDAY: I was SO proud of my family today, especially Ray!!! We all swam the Chelmsford Challenge. Ray, Bryce and I did the 500m Fun Swim (fun???), and Caide did the 1000m Mens event. Caide did so well and came 7th in his age group in a time of 23min43sec, he improved his time from last year by 6 minutes!!! What I love most about today is that Ray took part, despite doing no excercise for years he got involved and I LOVE that. Thanks Babe xx

Thanks so much for dropping by my little corner of the world. Please stop by and say "hello", I would love to "meet" you!!

(If you would like a bigger view of any of the photos just click on it!)


bluestorm said...

Wow, go Ray! Very impressed! Glad you guys had a good week. Jamie is so precious with his Ark - I remember when he got that toy. And good job to you and Bryce on the 500m swim and a huge congrats to Caide Mitchell for getting through the 1km - good grief that's brilliant.
I got the contract to do the remake of the Gardener website, so you'll be seeing that going live from the beginning of next month - it's definitely going to keep me busy and out of trouble for the next few weeks.
Also, I'll post some of the photo's from our weekend in the game reserve on Facebook soon - I'm sure you'll love those pics.
Have a great day!
Love you!

Linda said...

Such lovely photos my friend!
xo xo

Jessica said...

Congrats on the swim challenge! What an awesome experience for your family together and a great photo! Super sweet photos this week. I love seeing into your corner of the world! Have a great week.

Anonymous said...

Hi love, such nice pics as always....just love those of my little man...he is getting so big and handsome! And how lovely to see you all getting involved in the swim....your shares have just gone up Ray!!! I am so proud of you....as I am sure is your wife!! you will be getting into serious shape what with the swimming and bike riding...keep it up! Well done to my strapping young grandchldren...you are little stars! You are all so blessed. I love and miss you all and hope to see you all soon. Love you lots and lots

Christie said...

Love your pictures. Looks like an 'active' week.

Kelli said...

your space is marvelous! i love your desk! Glad you had a good week. The shoe transport is so genius and creative, I love that. Happy Project Life Tuesday!

Anonymous said...

Great photos. I love your desk, it is huge. Love the doggie photo. So cute. Thanks so much for linking up. Looking forward to seeing your photos each week.

Susan said...

Great shots!!

Have a great week...

dawn said...

Congrats on the swimming, how cool that you did it as a family. Love your big desk, so much space. How cute to see his toys laying around and so creative of him. Have a great week.

Angie Blom said...

Awesome week. Congrats to you on your swimming challenge. that is just fantastic. I love your little mess on your table. not so messy I would say. have a great week. xx