Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Project Life: Week 20/06-26/06

So glad you have taken the time to visit me here today. Hope you enjoy your time with my family and I!!

MONDAY: The 3 cousins are having an absolute ball together. Jamie in particular is enjoying having kids his own age to play with. Since Kimmy has been here I have not seen hide or hair of him, because he has been busy playing and playing and playing. It is something so special to witness!

TUESDAY: Jenna really is the most adorable baby, and having her around has made me very broody!! There is nothing like a baby in the house to make a happy atmosphere. She smells so good, and it is just the most wonderful feeling to cuddle her. LOVE you sweet Jenna. I am loving getting to know you better!

WEDNESDAY: Today Kayla practised all she has learnt at ballet class for me, it was totally adorable, and made me a little sad not having a girl! She did all the steps and pranced around like a little fairy. My favourite part was the toe exercises, super cute, and as you know I have a bit of a thing for baby and kid feet!!

THURSDAY: LOVE LOVE LOVE this photo!!! Here Amy is helping me take Jamie's temperature. She was being his little nurse, too cute for words. Isn't that face just adorable. Amy's personality is just me, if I had had a girl, I picture her being just like Amy!!!

FRIDAY: Alan came to pick up the girls today. Here they are outside waiting for him. It was a chilly windy day today, and there was a fire around somewhere making it very hazy!! I am going to miss you 4 so very very much, it has been such a special visit. I love you lots xx

SATURDAY: The kids were very fascinated when we woke up this morning and discovered the water in our new birdbath had iced up completely. Must have been quite cold last night. At least the days here are lovely, especially when the sun shines!

SUNDAY: Jamie helped me pick some spinach from our veggie garden today to add to our potato bake, he was o.k with helping me, expect I kept adding more leaves to his little arms, and then his enthusiasm wained. Then to add insult to injury his Mom rushed off to get her camera and took loads of photos!!

I hope you enjoyed another little peak into my life, hope you will drop by again next week :)


Veronica said...

Your pictures are great!

Sarah said...

Awesome photos. I love that baby drool. So cute. Those dirty feet are awesome. So neat that she was his nurse. Adorable photos this week. Thanks for linking up and using my new button. Hope you have a great week.

packmom said...

Looks like a wonderful visit with family. Those are some HUGE spinach leaves!

Lois Houston said...

Beautiful pictures!
I’ve popped over from the Project Life Tuesday link up. My post is here: http://www.thoughtsalonglifeshighway.com/2011/06/project-life-tuesday-28-june.html
in case you want to stop by.

thula jewelry (Jess) said...

wow you have beautiful children in your life!

Your blog is great, fantastic pictures.

Tara Sobie said...

You have some AWESOME pictures! The drool and the dirty feet - what real life shots ... LOVE IT! :)

Bellaidea said...

Hi! I just visit you for the first time but I will follow now, I like your work AND your photos, regards!

Alison said...

Another great crop of pics Rene...looks like you had a lovely time with your visitors!
Alison xx

Theresa said...

Your kids are so cute! Love the drooly baby photo--makes me want another one!

Anonymous said...

Hi my sis!
What stunning pictures of all of our babies! Made me homesick for you!
Love you and miss you all so much.
xx Kimmy

Sharon Keanly said...

Gorgeous pics my friend, just love each and every one of them. Baby Jemma is a honey... just love that baby dribble hey...lol Beautiful work once again. hugs Sharon