Wednesday, March 30, 2011

WIP Wednesday - My Thermal

Just thought I would share the progress on my Thermal sweater. It's slow going, but a nice easy knit which is exactly what I need right now. This pattern is available as a free download over at Ravelry!

So what project are you busy with right now? Are you knitting, quilting, crocheting or sewing? I would love to know what is grabbing your fancy at the moment!! :)

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Photo Challenge - Slice of Life

This is the first time I am taking part in one of the I Heart Faces challenges.

This is a photo I took of Jamie yesterday. He was having a sulk because he didn't want to eat his lunch!!

My sweet sister LAUREN helped me with my blog and I am now able to load bigger photos which I am LOVING!!

I am also trying to play around with my photography and learning more about Photoshop actions, I am really enjoying it so much.

Thanks for spending time in my little space :)

Edited to add: DARN, I see I missed the deadline, oh well, next time!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Project Life: Week 21/03-27/03

NapTime MomTog Project 365

Thanks for dropping by my blog again to view my PROJECT LIFE photos from last week. I am still as motivated as ever with this project and haven't missed a day yet!! Enjoy your time here :)

MONDAY: Today was a public holiday. Bliss!! We had a lovely relaxing day at home and spent time under the lapa chilling. I got the new copy of Country Homes & Interiors which I browsed through. We had a DELICIOUS braai for lunch!!

TUESDAY: We made the most delicious omelette's for supper tonight!! These were really special omelette's because they were made with our own eggs, filled with our own tomatoes & fresh herbs!!

WEDNESDAY: Jamie has 3 mouth ulcers at the moment and is in agony! He hadn't had any for ages and I thought he was over that phase. No such luck!! Here he is helping me make jelly so he has something soft to eat tonight. Too cute for words!

THURSDAY: Both boys were absolutely mortified when I pulled out the camera to take a photo of them while we were buying them new P.E. shirts at Economics in Glencoe. I also scored a lovely Jeep top that was on sale!

FRIDAY: Caide & Bryce both left school at 10am this morning to go to Greytown for a hockey clinic. They will be back at 3pm tomorrow. We also had Mom's group here this afternoon. It was nice to get together with the girls!

SATURDAY: Ray decided on the spur of the moment to go through to Newcastle to buy a newly released X-Box game, and he took Jamie with him! So I had another few hours of quiet time. It was a bit miserable weather wise, perfect for doing some scrapping! :)

SUNDAY: Look at the amazing new leaves forming on the cycad next to the lapa. I am so enjoying watching them develop!!

Thanks so much stopping by again. I am so glad you did. Please say "hi" and then I can come and see what you have been up to with your Project Life photos.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

ABC's of Me - Letter J

Morning ladies. So happy that's it's Saturday so we can all have a bit of downtime!! Wow, how was that cricket yesterday, to say that I am devasted is an understatement. Just don't understand it really!! Anyway, moving onto happier things :)

I am hosting the ABC's of Me - Letter J challenge over at Scrapbook Challenges. The word I chose to use is the word "Joy", and the title of my page is "you 3 bring me JOY", it's a layout on my 3 boys, and how I find absolute joy in being their Mom.

Why not pop on over to Scrapbook Challengs and have a look around. It is a lovely group to belong to, and I have made so many friends since joining there, as well as being extremely inspired by the gorgeous challenges that are posted there!!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Project Life: Week 14/03-20/03

I am so glad you have stopped by my blog again. I hope you enjoy your time here!

MONDAY: Jamie had his last swimming lesson of the season today. The day started out quite wet and chilly and we nearly didn't go. I am glad we did, Jamie and Keira enjoyed the lesson. They really have progressed so well! (Photo by my friend Caran).

TUESDAY: My March/April issue of Creating Keepsakes arrived today. I LOVE it when my post box contains a mag or parcel slip. It's a lovely issue and of course it got me wanting to scrap. I have done quite a few layouts recently.

WEDNESDAY: It was Jamie's gala today. The group he swam in was quite bit, but he wasn't overwhelmed (which I was a bit worried about). He swam really well and even managed to win a race or two when he was doing the "on the back" races. Maybe he will take after his Mom.

THURSDAY: Look at the monster egg one of our chicks laid. It is absolutely huge and weighs 88g.

FRIDAY: We finally joined the land of the living and got ourselves a dish-washer. I am SO excited, because washing dishes is one of my worst chores!!! It still needs to be set up, so I have yet to use it. I will wait impatiently until Kevin comes and sets it up for us!!

SATURDAY: Ray and Brent took all the boys fishing today, and despite catching anything (they didn't have the right bait!), they had an absolute ball. I also enjoyed the quiet time at home by myself and did loads of knitting and watching World Cup cricket. The downside to the day was that we discovered a tick on Jamie when we bathed him. HOPE he doesn't get tick-bite fever!!

SUNDAY: We went out to lunch at the Golf Club and the food was absolutely delicious!!!!! It was a carvery which started with Butternut & Potato soup, a full Roast Lunch and Yoghurt Tart for dessert. Perfect!

Thanks so much for stopping by again today, I am so glad you did!! :)

Monday, March 14, 2011

Project Life: Week 07/03-13/03

NapTime MomTog Project 365

Last week was another crazy crazy week, and by the time weekend came around I was exhausted!!!!! Luckily we had a lovely relaxing weekend, where we did NOTHING so I can face this week feeling a bit more human. Thanks for stopping by my blog again this week, I am so glad you are here :)

MONDAY: Jamie played with the Lego for most of the day today. Caide and Bryce had built the houses featured in this photo, but Jamie spent absolutely ages sticking all the small pieces to the base!

TUESDAY: This is the stunning fabric I ordered from the Fat Quarter Shop for a quilt for Bryce. I was like a cat on a hot tin roof until this arrived because a previous parcel of fabric had gone missing. Luckily the service from the Fat Quarter shop was excellent and they just resent my parcel. Lovely to receive such great service in this day and age!

WEDNESDAY: Jamie I am so so proud of you!! To get your 5m badge at such a young age is no mean feat!! You battled a bit, because you were off swimming for quite a while, while you were sick, but you still managed. My cute lil swimmer!! :)

THURSDAY: After a long anxious wait, my Project Life kit arrived today. YIPEE!!!! It was so worth the wait. The Amber kit is just gorgeous, nice and different to the kit from last year, I absolutely can't wait to set it all up!! Next year I WILL order my kit earlier!!!!!

FRIDAY: Setting up my kit!! I spent a lovely Friday afternoon setting up my album for the whole year while watching World Cup Cricket. Such a lovely afternoon for me!

SATURDAY: Adore this photo of my goof-ball. This is what my funny little boy did after going to the loo. HAD to be my POTD!! He had us all in stitches!

SUNDAY: My boys playing an early morning game of Monopoly. In the background the T.V. is tuned to Sky News as it has been for most of the weekend watching the coverage of the tragic Japanese earthquake and tsunami, my heart breaks for all those people affected. We are so blessed to live in SA where we don't suffer such disasters!

Thanks for being here. I would love for you to say "Hi" while you are here. I hope to find the time to visit some other Project Life blogs this week.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Project Life: Week 28/02-6/03

Thanks for dropping by my blog again today. Wow it's been a hectic week so far, I didn't even think I was going to find the time to load my Project Life photos today!!

MONDAY: I LOVE my new phone. It came as quite a surprise for me when Ray phoned me today and asked me if I wanted a new phone. Of course I did!! My old one was looking a little bit worse for wear!! This is one that Debbie had got as an upgrade and it had sat in our safe at work for months.

TUESDAY: Jamie has not been well for a day or two, so we took him to Dr. Schwellnus this morning, and he diagnosed an ear infection and the beginning of broncitis!! Oh no!! We are really blessed to have such awesome doctors in Dundee, they are super special and are so good with my kids!

WEDNESDAY: These beans come off Bryce's bean plant that he has been growing since last year. It was a school project that started with a bean and some cotton wool, and it is now a strong and sturdy bean plant growing in our veggie patch!

THURSDAY: My brinjals are the vegetable that has grown the best in my patch so far. Super easy to grow, and the brinjals the plants are producing are just spectacular. Can't wait to eat one!!

FRIDAY: I realised a dream today!! I have been wanting to go to the "Cotton Tale" fabric shop in Hillcrest for months and months. And wow was it worth the wait. When I walked in I didn't know what to do with myself. SO much gorgeous quilting fabric. I was in heaven!! :)

SATURDAY: Brycie amusing his 2 cousins no end. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this photo of the cousins playing on the beach together. We spent a lovely day with Kimmy and Allan and the girls at the Scottburgh caravan park, it was just a pity Jamie was so miserable all day, he missed out on a lot of fun!

SUNDAY: We got to meet Lauren's new boyfriend Geoff this weekend too, and what a nice guy he is!! I am so happy for her that she has met such a stable, creative and special person, he really brings out the best in her. Anyway, he is a photographer, so we were all lucky enough to have him take some photos for us, I adore this photo!

Thanks so much for taking the time to drop by, I so appreciate any comments that are left!! :)


Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Project Life: Week 21/02-27/02

NapTime MomTog Project 365

Thanks for visting me here again. I hope you enjoy your time here having a look into my life in Sunny South Africa!!

MONDAY: Bryce and Caide have each been playing a cricket game a week. Today Brycie played at the Oval so we were all able to watch. His wicket keeping skills are improving with each game!! Here he is getting embarrassed by his Mom!!

TUESDAY: Our first crop of tomatoes has started ripening. They are growing well and taste delicious!!

WEDNESDAY: I am busy with a scrappy quilt for the lounge. As things stand now we all fight over the one quilt. My aim is to make a couple before it starts getting too chilly!! I am LOVING this hobby :)

THURSDAY: Jamie with orange hands from eating Nick-Nack chips, Oumie and Granny would be horrified to see him lying on the couch with such filthy hands!!

FRIDAY: I had four of Caide's school mates come to the house after school to practise their Afrikaans oral. It is based in a restaurant and they all have to order food and have a conversation revolving around this scene. They all seemed to have had fun while they were here?!? Of course their was some play involved!

SATURDAY: Ray proved what an awesome husband he is today. He went through to Newcastle to do some shopping and took all 3 boys with him. This meant that I had the whole morning to myself and spent it blissfully sewing and drinking loads of tea. While he was there I asked him to maybe stop in at Bernina to buy me a bit of quilting fabric so I can start building up a bit of a stash. This is what he chose. I LOVE you so much babe!! xx

SUNDAY: Bryce is definitely my diligent child. Both boys had quite a lot of learning and task stuff to do today. Bryce was up bright and early so that he could get his things done. Here he is doing a self portrait for his "All About Me" section he is busy with. Caide got up later and procrastinated for as long as he could!

Thanks so much for dropping by my blog again today, I am so glad you did!! :)