Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Project Life 27/6 - 3/7

Thanks for stopping in again today, I am so glad you are here :)

MONDAY: Jamie and I spent a quiet afternoon in the top lounge today. I was knitting and he was playing with his Hot Wheel cars and track. He made volcanoes out of the cushions and spent ages ramping his cars. He is such a boy!!

TUESDAY: Jamie climbed back into bed with Brycie this morning, and both were playing on their hand-held games. It was too cold to be out of bed! Love you two and the fact that you are getting on so well.

WEDNESDAY: I left home early in the dark this morning to get down to Hilton in time to watch Caide's first game at 8:50am. The trip went well and I made it just in time. Mom, Lauren & Geoff also came to watch. The games were tough for Caide and his team, but good experience was gained. After the games were finished I went down to Hillcrest to spend the night with Noon and Geoff.

THURSDAY: Caide got back at about 2:30 today after his 4 day tour, he was exhausted!! I told him to unpack his bags, and this is the sight that greeted me, when I walked into the lounge to check on his progress!

FRIDAY: Caide went to Vryheid with Debbie today. He had gotten a bee in his bonnet that he wanted to get earphones for his cell phone like Blessing (their assistant coach from the tour). After dropping him off Bee popped in for a quick visit!

SATURDAY: I spent some time at my scrap desk scrapping a page for Bryce's album. I am also sending this in as my application to try and get on the DT at Let's Scrap for the next term, I am loving being a part of the team there!

SUNDAY: Ray spent some time playing Age of Empires against Bryce today. Bryce played on my computer and Ray on his. It is quiet amazing that they can do this, and both had loads of fun. Bryce was a bit down in the mouth when his Dad beat him.

Hope you have a great week further :)


Anonymous said...

Great photos this week. Sounds very busy. Hilarious about Caide falling asleep while unpacking. Thanks for linking up. Have a great week!

Sharon Keanly said...

Lovely pics once again Rene. Can't believe you people in KZN also have brown grass in winter. I thought you were like us, green all year round. Shew... I really don't miss it hey... especially if the kids roll around on the grass and it sticks to their clothes. A reall bugger to brush it off! Brings back some memories for me as my childhood was spent in the old Eastern Transvaal. TFS, hugs Sharon x

Veronica said...

The picture of your son unpacking is too funny. He must have been really tired to fall asleep!!
Great pictures and looking forward to next week!

packmom said...

Great shot of your son unpacking. That's how I feel when I have to unpack too! Looks like a fabulous week. Love those Ben-10 pants in the first shot as well. My youngest is a huge Ben 10 fan ;0)

Anonymous said...

I remember many hours spent with hot wheels tracks when my brother and I were little... Great photos!
I'm stopping by from The Mom Creative.
http://www.thoughtsalonglifeshighway.com/2011/07/project-life-tuesday-5-july.html Here's my post for this week.

Alison said...

Another great peak into your life,Rene...good luck with the DT
Alison xx

Mary said...

I LOVE the picture for Thursday! That is great! What a moment...

dawn said...

What a busy week you've had. Love the picture of the boys playing their games together staying warm. How funny the shot of your son tired on the floor, he must have been tired. Hope you have another good week.

bluestorm said...

Hey NĂ©
Love the photo's again this week - chuffed that I got to be a part of it this time round! I loved having you here on Wednesday - it really was special to show you around "my" town!
Love you lots!

Anonymous said...

Hi darling, such lovely pics and so glad we were able to be there for Caides hockey. He was quite clearly exhausted! Bet Bryce will be pretty much the same when he gets home from his beach holiday...it is freezing again today! Home fone is fixed so am in touch again. Give kisses to Jaimie for me and Caide too if he will let you!! I love and miss you all so much!
Talk soon! Mom

Anonymous said...

Haha! Great pictures! That layout is beautiful even as a page in progress!