Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Project Life Weeks 11/7 - 17/7 and 18/7 - 24/7

I missed last week's project life post and am a bit late in getting this one up too! I had a root canal in the morning yesterday, and then we had our first ever snow day!! It is quite rare for us to get snow here in Dundee, and even more rare for the school to close. We had loads of fun in the snow and it was very special for us!! I will have pics next week!

MONDAY: The boys decided to get working on their puzzles quite late in the holiday. It brings back happy memories because Poppy and I used to spend many special hours doing puzzles together on this same table!

TUESDAY: It's a good thing our chickens lay loads of eggs because Caide and Bryce LOVE eating them. Caide has learnt how to make hard boiled eggs and this is what they were having for lunch today.

WEDNESDAY: After months of not using the trampoline, the 3 boys rediscovered their love of jumping on it. Jamie has learnt to jump and spin in the air. Lots of fun for me to watch!

THURSDAY: Isn't technology awesome! Tonight I did a 3-way Skype with my two crafting friends, Paola and Sharon. Paola lives in Joburg and Sharon in the Cape. We crafted and chatted together and I only got to bed and 11pm. It was loads of fun!

FRIDAY: Jamie and Caide were jumping together when I took this photo. I was looking forward to a quiet afternoon of crafting today, but my house was full of kids, in and out all afternoon :)

SATURDAY: We needed a few odds and ends so we decided to go to Newcastle to do a bit of shopping. I got a new camera with built in mike for Skyping, and we finally got Jamie a booster seat, and of course...MacDonalds!!

SUNDAY: I picked my first broccoli today. I am super happy with how it's grown, can't wait to eat it!!

MONDAY: I LOVE this photo. I was busy cooking when Jamie came and sat at the kitchen table and started paging through a book Kimmy gave him last year. Bryce sat down next to him and helped him find all the various characters in each story!

TUESDAY: Another photo that makes me smile this week. When Jamie got home from school he had to take off this shoes!! He said to me "Mom, my feet are all greeny and sandy". I had to laugh, what's greeny?!? I figured it out it was the fluff from the socks that was sticking to his sweaty little feet!!

WEDNESDAY: Today was my teasing day according to the boys. This photo also had me chuckling. On the way back from school Bryce asked me if he could use my lip ice. Of course!! When I looked in the rear-view mirror all I saw was Bryce with these bright red lips. I use Cherry coloured Lobella, and he had put layer and layer on, and this was the result!!!

THURSDAY: I had a lovely birthday today, and got spoilt rotten with lots of crafty goodies!! I had the day off work, so spent the morning playing with all my lovely new stuff. In the afternoon the boys and I sat on the trampoline and had cake which Ray had bought home for me. Debbie and Glen came around for pizza later. It was a good day!

FRIDAY: We left Dundee at 11am to head down to Pennington for our weekend at Selbourne. The house Mom had organised for us was stunning and just perfect for us. Caide has begun to realise how he is growing and developing and is now trying to assert his strength. Here is arm wrestling with his Gran!

SATURDAY: This is the gorgeous house we got to stay in for the weekend. It had 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, and a gorgeous open plan kitchen, dining and lounge area. Such a treat!! The little ones found a lovely spot behind the couch to play, you can just see them in this photo!

SUNDAY: We were all in the kitchen getting breakfast ready here. I asked Bryce to take some photos. We had yummy scrambled egg on toast for breakfast, and then the men (and Lauren)all went up to the range to hit a few golf balls.

Thanks so much for spending some time reading my long post today!!! I will be back later with the latest Let's Scrap sketch.


lynn79 said...

I love your pictures!!! You have a great eye!

bluestorm said...

Hey NĂ©
Such lovely photo's again this fortnight. We had such a lovely time this weekend - I do hope we get to do it again sometime.
Have an awesome week.
Love you

Sharon Keanly said...

Stunning pics Rene, wow, you should really think of taking up photography professionally! I also use the Cherry flavoured Labella. Pleased my pic turned out blurry, so you couldn't see all the wrinkles...hehehe Huge hugs and blessings, Sharon

Jerusha said...

Love seeing your pictures, always so nice to see! :)

Sarah said...

Love your photos. The little feet are great. Thanks for linking up.

Brenda said...

Renee, this is fabulous. I love the photos's and an insight into your lovely family!!

packmom said...

Looks like a wonderful couple of weeks--so many great photos. Happy belated birthday. Love that vacation home!

Alison said...

Another great lot of pics! Can't believe you had snow!
Alison xx