Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Project Life: Week 04/07-10/07

I can't believe how quickly the time is passing by, only 1 week left of school holiday!! :(

MONDAY: Brycie left for a week long holiday down in Uvongo with Nadia and her family. I really hope you have a wonderful time my special boy, it is going to be a wonderful experience for you. Also hope you don't get too homesick! You have never been away from home so long before, and I know we are going to miss you loads!!

TUESDAY: Unfortunately this photo doesn't quite capture the beauty of the sunrise this morning, the sun was a beautiful firey reddy/pink colour. A stunning way for us to start the day!!

WEDNESDAY: Jamie asked me to build him a Lego house. He was helping me to get the blocks I needed. I asked Caide to take a photo for us, but he was too busy rushing out the door to go and cruise with his friends, so I set up the camera on the couch and used the self-timer. Easy peasy, I must do this more often!!

THURSDAY: I got the nicest surprise today!!! My on-line friend Sharon sent me a parcel for my birthday. It still amazes me that someone I have never "met" before could be so kind and thoughtful. Look at all the lovely cardmaking goodies I received, so spoilt!!

FRIDAY: Ray's new RC arrived today, and he is over the moon with it. It really is the most wonderful looking plane!! He has decided that he will only fly it when he is finished with flying his Wing Dragon and is confident in his flying ability. He will need to use a buddy cord with Shane first though, cause it will be heartbreaking if this one crashes!

SATURDAY: In the morning we did our first monthly grocery shop in nearly a year, I have been doing weekly which has been a pain!! At just after 11 we picked up Glen (my FIL) and headed out for the Biltong Fees out at Battlefields. It was well supported and it was nice to get out for a few hours! We ate some yummy food :)

SUNDAY: We are so happy to have Brycie home safe and sound. None more so than Jamie!!! He hasn't left his brother's side all day, and it has been so special to witness. I am so comforted to now have all my children at home for the last week of holiday!

Hope you are having a lovely week so far. See you soon :)


Sharon Keanly said...

Absolutely lovely pics Rene. Just love viewing them and you're some welcome, hope you enjoy your goodies. hugs Sharon x

Jolanda said...

Nice pics,beautiful card!!
Have a nice day!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful pictures this week. Looks like a fun one. Hope you have a great week this week. Thanks for linking up.

deb duty said...

The sunset is gorgeous and what a fun gift! I actually made two cards last week for the first time in months. They were quick and easy but it reminded me how fun it can be.

packmom said...

Beautiful sunset and what great brotherly love.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic pictures! Looks like a great week!

dawn said...

I love how close your boys are, they will be friends for life. Such a pretty sunrise, I can just imagine it since my sunrise photos aren't as clear as I want either. Keeping my fingers crossed for Ray's plane to not crash this time. Thanks for visiting my blog and have another good week.

p.s. did you mean you grocery shop only once a month if you can, with all boys??? Please send me details on how you do this, so I can give it a try. Thanks.

Alison said...

Great pics as always..hope you all enjoy the last week of the holidays!
Alison xx

Rosalie said...

What a beautiful family and life!!:)You are so talented, I started out scrapbooking, haven't done it in a long while, but have been making cards, and really getting into stamping and coloring... really takes your mind off things :) Thank you so much for being my first follower on my blog, you will see I really don't know what to do as far as computers go :/ ...but I will give it my best.I hope you are having a wonderful day and hope to see more beautiful creations from you:)

Mary said...

I love the sunset picture! It is so beautiful! I have been thinking about doing the once a month shop but have still been holding out. It seems like a LOT of planning!

Christie said...

What a gorgeous sunrise. Your birthday is close to mine - I am June 30. Happy Birthday. Very cute package to receive. Have a great week!

Jessica said...

Great photos, as always. I really love the one of you and Jaime with the self timer. I'm going to have to remember to do that more often as well. Looks like you had ANOTHER fun-filled week. So nice to see snippets of your life! Hugs!!!