Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Project Life Photos from last week.

Hi all. Yes, I have decided to do Project Life again this year. I was undecided, but thought, what was the point of doing one year and then stopping!!! And, we as a family LOVE to page through the album!! I am yet to receive my kit, they are out of stock at the moment, but I am patiently waiting for stock to arrive so my kit can be sent from New Zealand. I am still taking photos though, so thought I would share last weeks with you.

Bryce had a bit of a rotten tooth that he had to have pulled out, he was SO brave!!

Bryce has saved his birthday money from October, and after much thought we decided to try and find him a second-hand PSP on Gumtree, he LOVES it!!!!!

Our "new" second hand Pathfinder. I am in LOVE, it is such a nice vehicle to drive, and the space is amazing. I am so blessed to have a husband that provides so well for us!!

It's been a dream of mine for us to produce our own eggs, and today that dream came true. What a WONDERFUL feeling to go and check on the chicks and find our first egg, I was SO excited!!! :)

It was the twins birthday party this afternoon, so we spent the afternoon there. The kids had an absolute ball!

Ray wanted to take the Pathfinder for a nice drive today so we decided to go to Newcastle to do some shopping. While we were there Ray bought me a new camera, a little one that I can keep in my bag, so I won't be missing out ANY little moments!!

Caide decided he wanted poached eggs for supper, and insisted on making them himself!! They even got to eat some of our own eggs, which were delicious!!

Thanks for dropping by my blog today, I hope you enjoyed the little peak into our life!!

I also just wanted to let you know that I probably won't be around here too much over the next few days. We had some bad rain damage in our family lounge, so today the builders are coming in to do the repairs which might take 3 days (hopefully not!!). Enjoy the rest of your week everyone! :)


Sharon said...

These are lovely Rene... so pleased you're continuing with this project as I really love reading these posts. Love the Pathfinder... wahoooo and your first egg... another wahoooooo! hugs Sharon x

Kelli said...

I love your car! FUN. These pictures all look so warm. My friend Cindy lives in Christchurch, I miss her so. I love seeing all these fun summer photos! And the egg, beautiful! There is something magical about a fresh egg :) Happy PL Tuesday!

dawn said...

Hi Renee,

I'm so happy your back, I've missed your pictures and seeing your beautiful outdoor ones you always have. So neat to see you in warm temps while we are freezing here. Love the new car, I've heard good things about them. We want to have our chickens and eggs one day too, enjoy them. Sorry to hear about the rain damage hope it gets fixed fast and easy for you. Thank you for visiting my blog and good for you doing Project Life again. Have a good week, see you next Tuesday.

Jessica Navarro said...

Great photos this week Rene'! I especially love the one of the egg. I'm sorry to hear about your house damage. I hope it all get fixed quickly! Have a great week.

Angie Blom said...

wonderful photo's. ah love that you captured your first egg.. how exciting. COngrats on the new van and a camera.. I take mine everywhere. xx

Unknown said...

What a great week! CONGRATULATIONS....new car, 1st egg, new camera...lots of fun things :)

Jessica said...

Love your photos!!

Jackie said...

Lots of fun things going on at your end! I'm doing 365 too!

Sara said...

Great pictures! Your car looks so fun! I am so jealous of your beautiful warm weather. I'm counting down the days until summer here (in the states). Good luck on another year of PL. Keep it up!

Susan said...

Great shots Rene!

So good to hear from you. Thanks for stopping by.

Congrats on that awesome car!! And your eggs♥

Anonymous said...

Hi love, so nice to see all your latest pics and to see what you are getting up to. Its one thing to hear about it but it is another to "see" the news! The car looks great...look forward to driving it one of these days!!!!! Enjoy your eggs, they look so big and fresh! Love and miss you all so much