Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Project Life ~ 1 March - 7 March

Thanks for stopping over for a visit again this week. So far my Project Life is going well, and since deciding to take part I haven't missed a day!! So without further ado here are my photos for the week:

1 March '10:
I love this photo of Jamie with his new short hair. I gave him a hair-cut in the bath last night. We told him he looks like a real boy, and now he says his name is Real Boy. He is so funny!

2 March '10:
We had a mishap today with Bryce spilling tea on the chest in the top lounge. It turned out to be a blessing in disguise because inside I found 2 crocheted blankets that I had all but forgotten about. The pink one my Gran made for me when I was a little girls, and the other I crocheted years ago. How wonderful to discover lost treasures!

3 March '10:
This afternoon the boys got down to business and polished their school shoes by themselves for the first time. Bryce had insisted that I buy polish and a brush so they could make their shoes shiny and clean for their school photos the next day.

4 March '10:
Since moving the boys back to Uelzen they have missed quite a few swimming lessons. Today Caide heard that they were doing badges, and he insisted on going. One of his friends J.J. was going for his 2500m badge so of course he had to go for his too. (My competitive son!). We settled in at the pool, me with my notebook to mark off the 100 lengths he had to swim!! He of course made it, and swam his 2500m in a time of 1h 2min's. So proud of you big boy!

5 March '10:
Jamie needed a pee, so I opened the back security gate to let him go outside to have his pee in the garden. As I was helping him take his pants off he casually said "look at that big spider". I nearly had a heart attack. There on the door frame, right where I had just unlatched the door was this huge rain spider!! Of course I had to take a photo! I then managed to get the spider into an empty ice-cream tub, and we let it go in the veld across the road.

6 March '10:

The bane of Ray's existence right now is our swimming pool! The pool we inherited when buying the house is a 25 year old plastic lined pool. So needless to say, the plastic is splitting left right and centre, and we are losing water almost continually! Today Ray was in the chilly water trying to find a hole to fix. After about 30 minutes in the pool he had to admit defeat, he couldn't find the hole!!

7 March '10:
The boys have spent a lot of time playing in the tree this weekend. They were having a blast doing their best Tarzan impressions. They love it when I take photos of them doing their various activities, and today was no exception! I had to take about 5 photos before I got just the right shot!

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog again this week. I am really enjoying being a part of this special community! I would love for you to become a follower of my blog.


Linda said...

Beautiful photos Rene' I always love to stop by here for a visit.
Have a lovely week,

Anonymous said...

Morning darling! What lovely pics again and I can't believe the "real boy" - he looks so different and grown up! And well done to Caide, what an achievement..that is a long way! Ray will need to take some lessons with him for staying power to find the hole! And of course, Bryce the perfectionist....hold on to that one darling! And where is a pic of you for a change!!! Take care and keep up the good work darling...you are as always an inspiration. I love you.

bluestorm said...

Hey Ne'
Jamie looks so much like Caide now, it's unreal! I can't believe Caide achieved his 2500m badge - that is so good! And Ray.... I don't think he'll ever admit defeat in that quest again just out of principle - we'll never let him live that one down!
Love you!

Bryan, Amy, Michael and Tyler said...

Great photos. I can't believe your son did the whole 2500m!! And in such good time! That's awesome.

dawn said...

great pictures this week. I love seeing the green tree since we have winter right now. My kids would love a tree like that to play in. That's awesome for your son to get that badge. That's a lot of swimming for a young kid. Love the haircut picture too, all your boys are cute. Have a good week.

Delane said...

I LOVE your pictures and stories this week Rene'!
I love little boys with fresh haircuts...there is nothing cuter. And 2500m for Caide! Awesome job! I would not appreciate that spider, you're awfully brave to catch it and let it go. It makes me shudder just looking at it!

Susan said...

GREAT shots! I always enjoy stopping by~

Your son is just adorable.

So proud of your older son, WOW!!!


Karina @ The Vader Family said...

Great pictures this week! That spider is huge!!! How scary!
Have a great week!

heididh33 said...

And your photos are great again (as always)! Well... except for that spider looking thing... I couldn't even read the writing about it.. had to skim over that part.
But I LOVE the lost treasures. How great. And the shoes too. You are brave. :)

Ross and Taya said...

i about had a heart attack too when i saw your pic of the spider. =) love your photos Rene'!

Anonymous said...

oh my that spider gives me chills! i love crocheted blankets. how wonderful that you found those again.

Nancy said...

I love your pics. It is nice to see how life is for another family with so many boys.
Have a great week.

Emily said...

I'm having a hard time just looking at that spider picture. *shudder* Kudos to you for not running and screaming. ha!

debbie said...

That spider picture made me shudder! You have a handsome family. I love having a house of boys.