Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Project Life ~ 8 March - 14 March

Another Tuesday has rolled around, my the weeks are passing in a flash. Thanks for stopping by my blog to look at my photos again this week. I hope you enjoy your visit!!

8 March

The strelizia's are blooming beautifully at the moment. They certainly add beautiful colour to the garden. The front garden is made a much brighter place by these beautiful flowers in the bed in the middle of the garden.

9 March

I ADORE this photo I managed to capture of Jamie watching T.V., he is totally absorbed by the programme he is watching. I can't believe how quickly he is growing up. His face is changing and maturing so quickly, and he is becoming a real little boy now. Wish he would slow down!!

10 March

Bryce came home and showed me his excellent marks. He really is my academic child, and I am so proud of the pride he has in his work. I love the fact that he does his school work so conscientiously! Caide had a good sports day today. His cricket team played against Hamilton and they won their game convincingly. Caide scored a wonderful 18 runs. It was so much fun to watch!

11 March

Jamie had his first gala today, and it was the most adorable thing to witness. He is the little one in the middle with his arms up ready to dive!! He was so enthusiastic, and had a ball. It was a good day for me too, because today was my last swimming lesson. I am now officially down to one job, and I will now be able to dedicate myself to Ray and working with him.

12 March

I am LOVING my Copics right now. I am so enjoying my card making again, and colouring in my images with these little beauties is such a pleasure. I love seeing my collection growing, and all the beautiful colours just make me happy!!

13 March

I have been feeling grotty for over a week now, so I finally decided to go and see the doctor! He diagnosed sinusitis, no wonder my head has been feeling like its going to explode! Hopefully all this medicine will have me feeling better soon. I hate being sick!!

14 March

When I am feeling sick Ray makes me macaroni and cheese. It is my feel good food, and he really cooks this meal well. It was delicious as usual, and it was so nice to not have to worry about the cooking for a change. I am not a huge cook!! Give me my hobbies any day!

Thanks so much for stopping by again this week. I love it when you come and visit! Hope you have a good week ahead of you. Would love for you to become a Follower! Thanks so much. Smiles x


Joyfulmomofmany said...

Wow! Rene... so cool to read about your life there in SA! I have never seen Strelizia before~ they are positively *tropical*!

Your picture of your son Jamie is beautiful~ I think you should enlarge that one and frame it for your home!

Good idea to photograph your son's schoolwork~ I'll have to remember that idea~ so cool that he is doing so well too!

I have been wanting to get in on the Copic thing too~ they are *so* expensive though! Do you find them on sale, or are you just gradually adding to your collection?

Finally, I *do* hope you are feeling better~ it's no fun to be sick, for sure!

Have a lovely week~ I'll look forward to checking in with you next week!


Nancy said...

Great idea to photograph school papers.
The flower is amazing.
I love all your photos. They are always so interesting. I look forward to them each week.
Have a great week.

dawn said...

I love your pictures this week. The flower is beautiful, can't wait for our flowers to bloom. My daughter Renee is like that when watching tv. That's a great school paper, going to remember to do that. Love your Copic's all those colors are great, I like how you have them seperated. Hope you feel better soon. Thanks for visiting and I got lucky the day I went shopping and bought all that. I only go out that every few months and many times I come home empty handed. Have a great week.

Delane said...

Love the picture of the Strelizia - beautiful, do these grow in Mexico or Hawaii? I think I've seen them before, but sadly I've never been to SA! It's fun that you have been to the US (even if it was briefly), how brave of you to travel so far!
Love the picture of Jamie, such a cute little face. And the picture of him diving is adorable. Is the sun strong there? I noticed that everyone is covered up (good for you, we do that too because we live at 6000 feet and the sun is really strong here).
Have a wonderful week, can't wait to see your pictures next Tuesday!

TappinTamara said...

Great week of photos, Rene! I wish I had some of that mac-n-cheese right now...it looked delicious!

Kristin said...

Your photos are really good! I just love the one of your son!

wls7001 said...

Love your photos. How do you decide on which photo a day to use? I have two very active kids & an active husband and this is my first year attempting PL. I find myself with my camera in my face all day (when I'm not at work) and taking way too many photos, and now it the project is becoming very time consuming just trying to decide which photo to use each day. It seems like every day there is an event or activity we are off to, and I have a hard time not including those photos rather than using the every day photo of objects. (ex. b-days, holidays, sporting games, etc.) But when I look at others PL I find I enjoy the objects, but then where will all the other photos go? Is anyone else out there struggling with this? Any advice is greatly appreciated :)

Sarah K said...

The photo of your little guy watching TV is simply precious!! What a great idea to photograph the homework and your markers. I love how this project gives you an excuse to really focus on everyday life. Wonderful photos!!

Sarah said...

What wonderful photos! My favorite is the one of Jamie watching TV. I also really like the shot of the kids lined up at the gala :) Thanks for sharing! Hope you feel better soon!

brad & lesley said...

I adore that photo of your son! And that flower...gorgeous! Another week of beautiful photos, Rene! :)

amanda said...

This is such a sweet post - a bit of everything! The shot of jamie is fab!

debbie said...

Great photos again this week! That one of your little guy watching TV is my favorite.