Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Project Life ~ 15 March - 21 March

Thanks for stopping by my blog again this week. Hope you enjoy looking at my photos!

15 March

Today Bryce achieved another milestone in his swimming career. He swam 60 lengths and got his 1500m badge. He is only 8 and for him to swim 1.5km is quite an achievement!! He did it so well too, even though his legs were “wobbly” when he got out of the pool. I am so very proud of your commitment to all that you do my special boy!

16 March

Gran was saying that there are always too few photos of me in my Project Life album, so I made an attempt to do the photo in the mirror thing this morning. It really is not as easy as it looks!! Jamie and I had lots of fun trying to get it right though. Lots of laughs were had by both of us!

17 March

This is the gorgeous sight we woke up to this morning. It had rained last night, so it was wet and gloomy, and there was this stunningly dramatic cloud settled on the top of the mountain. We all stood at our bedroom window and watched it move its way down the mountain. Truly a breathtaking sight to start our day with. We are so blessed to live in such a beautiful place!

18 March

This is my latest knitting project and I am SO enjoying this one. The wool I am knitting with is called Passion for Purple, and the colours are gorgeous!! I got it from my friend Linda, but it is Carle’s wool. The pattern is Jaywalker socks and it is so much fun to knit, easy pattern with lots of impact. My knitting is a big part of my life!!

19 March

I got home from work today to find the lounge floor covered with blocks (and I mean covered!!). Jamie loves playing with his blocks, and I love watching him do so. I was just happy that he was up to playing! Last night he had been in absolute agony with a sore tummy. It was the strangest thing, he didn’t have a temp or anything, but there was this heat radiating from his stomach area. Thankfully he is much better today!

20 March

This morning I was smothered with loves from Bryce & Jamie. Bryce climbed on my back, and Jamie was on my front. They so enjoyed me carrying them both around. Caide slept out at at Janco’s last night, so it was just the 2 boys at home this morning. It was nice for Bryce & Jamie to just have each other to play with, and they had a ball together. Sometimes when it’s the 3 of them Caide & Jamie stick together, and Bryce is left out, so I was happy to have these 2 having quality time together.

21 March

I wanted to take a photo of one of our mundane tasks, cutting fingernails. Jamie’s seem to grow very quickly!! It isn’t a chore I dislike, because Jamie quite happily sits in my lap and lets me do what I need to do. This morning I roped Caide in to take the photo, and I am really impressed with the job he did. Just as good a photo as I would have taken!!

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Emily said...

Sweet smooching picture with your boys! Little boy kisses are the best.

Delane said...

Rene', your pictures are fab!
I was just thinking the other day how fast my boys nails grow! They must be getting good nutrition...or they just have crazy fast growing nails! I also love the one with you and your boys - aren't boys just the best? Congrats on the 1500m - that's really impressive, way to go!

Bev said...

What great pictures of your life. Thanks for Sharing!

Sarah said...

Great pictures! Looks like y'all had a fun week. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I left a comment back to you, but didn't know if you would see it.

dawn said...

I love looking at your pictures every week. Such cute boys you have. Love the photo of them climbling on you so much fun!! Good job on the swimming also, my son is 8 and is just learning to swim a short distance so way to go!! My sons fingernails grow the fastest in this house as does my husband so maybe it's a guy thing. Have a good week.

debbie said...

How funny -- I just finished clipping my youngest 2 boys' nails! Should have had the oldest take a picture. I love the picture with you and the 2 boys.

Susanne said...

love the one of your boys hugging on you! too sweet.

Cindy Tobey said...

Great photos! Love the socks you are knitting. Beautiful!

Jennifer said...

Great shots! The cutting nails one is awesome and I can totally relate. I have three young children so if I am cutting nails for one of them, I am cutting for all of them. :) Your blog is great! I love the idea of weekly blogging. Very cool.

Linda said...

Dear Rene'
Thank you for your lovely comments, my friend:) I must also get back into spinning again, life has been so busy though:) I really enjoy your project life posts, they are wonderful. I do have new sock yarn, you can see it here http://naturalsuburbia.blogspot.com/search/label/Sock%20Yarn

I am taking it to a knitting morning this morning, so if you like anything, let me know:)

brad & lesley said...

Rene - I love your blog! Your pictures are always great, and such sweet sentiments this week. Kissing my boys...a favorite for me, too! :)

Susan said...

Wow, these were great. I really enjoyed them.

Have a great day!

ordinarilyextraordinary.com said...

I'm so jealous your kiddos are able to go swimming right now. And what a beautiful knitting project!