Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Project Life ~ 22 February - 28 February

Thanks for joining me again this week. I really appreciate every comment that is left for me, and enjoying reading each one. So how has your past week been??

Here are my photos to show you what we got up to last week.

22 February:
I thought I would take a photo of our supper as our P.O.T.D. Spaghetti bolognaise is something I often cook on a Monday night because it's quick and easy. We all really enjoy it, though Ray is not a huge fan! It's especially nice with some freshly grated cheese on top!

23 February:
Today was a huge day for us!! After months of soul searching we decided to move the boys back to Uelzen. The academic pressure that was placed on the kids at Ichthus was ridiculous, and the boys (especially Caide!) were just not able to maintain a balance between academics, sport & play. I am 200% sure we have made the correct decision, it just feels right!

24 February:
It feels wonderful that the boys are able to play again in the afternoons. Since the boys went back to Uelzen yesterday the atmosphere in our home has changed. The pressure is off and it feels wonderful! My kids can be kids again, the way it should be. I am happy!!

25 February:
My boys are still playing! Caide pulled out his Carrera car track (which they haven't played with ages!!) and have played with it solidly for the last 2 days. Constructive play, I love it!

26 February:
I got to wear my Xmas shoes & knitted socks to work today, so nice that the weather was cooler. It was hot in the office though! It was a hectic, stressful & busy morning. It was month end and financial year end so I had loads to do!! Yay, yay it's Friday!

27 February:
Occasionally on the weekends we get the boys to help with the dishes. I think it's important for them to help around the house sometimes. Some days they help with a good grace, and on others, not so much. Can you guess how the mood was today??

28 February:

This morning was quite an emotional one for me. We had to say good-bye to friends of ours that are leaving for Canada. Dane & Debra have been our friends for the last 9 years, and Debra has been one of my closest and most true friends. We have been through a lot, and I am going to miss her terribly!! When we got home I decided to try a smoked chicken salad for lunch. It was a beautiful day, so we decided to have lunch outside under the lapa.

Thanks so much for stopping by. Hope you have a good week ahead of you!! I would really like for you fellow Project Lifers to become a Follower of my blog, it would mean a lot to me, it will only take a minute. Thanks!!


bluestorm said...

Ne' I'm loving your Project Life posts - the photo's are beautiful and I'm so glad to see the boys smiling again.
Love you!

Anonymous said...

Hi angel, just loving being able to follow your daily lives and to see that you are all happy again. Would be nice to see some happy photos of you though....you are always on the other end of the camera! You have such a beautiful family darling, enjoy every moment!
I love you and can't wait to see you all. Lots of loves Mom

dawn said...

Hello, I enjoyed looking at your pictures again this week. Sounds like you made the right move switching schools. Kids should be kids, they don't need a lot of homework when they should be out playing. They are kids for such a short time and an adult for a long, long time. Your meals sound yummy too. Love your new shoes, I would wear those everyday. Sorry to hear about your friends moving, that can be tough. Will have to send lots of emails with them. Have a good week and thanks for sharing another week with us.

Joyfulmomofmany said...

Love reading your Project Life posts and seeing your "everyday life" there in SA. So cool! (actually Hot, it appears!)


Sarah K said...

Great photos! I love how you captured your boys' many moods this week. Excellent!

Delane said...

Great job this week capturing your life!
Good for you making that tough decision to move your kids, but I agree kids need to play. Homework doesn't need to own their lives at such a young age!

Susan said...

Great shots!! Your boys are all adorable.

It makes me miss those wonderful days when my son's were that age.


mandiegirl said...

Thanks for your sweet comment about my photo! :)

debbie said...

Great pictures! I especially like the one of the boys doing the dishes.

Erin said...

Hi! Fun to hear from you this morning! Great photos. Your boys are darling!

Karina @ The Vader Family said...

What a nice boys doing the dishes!

Great pictures!!!

Becki said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! Your boys are cute! Love your pictures. Have a great week!

p.s. green eggs....just scrambled eggs with green food coloring for Dr. Suess' birthday. Do you know the book "Green Eggs and Ham"?

Emily said...

Such handsome guys you have! Love the skateboard shot.

Leslie said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Your boys are too cute! I love that you are having them help around the house. I think it's important, even though when I was a child, I would have hated it!

Bryan, Amy, Michael and Tyler said...

I loved seeing your boys do the dishes! My boys are almost 3 and 6 moths old and we are trying to start early to get them (ok, only the older one!) to help around the house...thought we'd start while he actually wants to and enjoys helping!

Anonymous said...

Great photo of your boys sharing the skateboard! I love it, they all look so happy.

Have a great week!

Stephanie said...

Great pictures!!!! I am having so much fun looking at everyones pics on Tuesday!!!!!

Peek at My Paper said...

Great Pictures!
Thanks for sharing.