Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Project Life ~ 22 March - 29 March

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22 March:

Today was a public holiday which was divine! We had a braai for lunch and it was absolutely delicious. I am not usually a big fan, but today I did myself a nice veggie parcel on the braai, and we also had some lovely garlic mushrooms. It was all so nice and tasty!!

23 March:

Today I went and purchased some lovely orange accessories to do up my dining room in a more warm and fall type theme. One of the things I needed was some grass from the veld. So I took my trusty helpers with me, and they cut the big bunches of grass I needed. This has to be my favourite photo of the year so far. I just LOVE it!!

24 March:

This grader is one of Caide's or Bryce's from years back. It has been safely stored away, and now it is going to be Jamie's. I love the fact that with quality toys they last long enough to hand down to each child. I know Jamie is going to get as much fun out of this as my older boys did!

25 March:

Today I wanted to take a photo of the new things I bought for our dining room. One of my passions is to do things around the house. I have gotten so much joy out of doing this. I love the way a few accessories can completely change the look and feel of a room. I am so happy with the way the orange has warmed up this room. Come on Autumn, we are ready for you!

26 March:

I love it when we have pizza for supper. It's so nice not to have to cook. A real treat for me. We get our pizza's from Tristar and they are delicious. I have the 4 Seasons with no olives.

27 March:

I love to break up the old bread to give to the birdies. In fact they wait for it. This morning I roped in the boys to help me. They did an excellent job!

28 March:

Today Caide and I had the "talk". It is hard to believe that one of my children is of the age that this needs to be done!! It is a scary thought for me. It went really well. Luckily I had borrowed some literature from Camilla which made the task much easier. I hope my son grows up being able to talk to me about all these things!

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Sharon Keanly said...

Love this post and all the pics René. You're really having fun with your new camera. Keep it up! hugs Sharon

Cindy Tobey said...

Your photos are GORGEOUS! They make me want to take more photos myself! I've kind of slacked off lately. TFS! Yes, I am on Ravelry. My username is CindyTobey. I must admit I don't go out there as often as I'd like, but I do try to post my finished projects there.

Delane said...

Be still my heart - that picture of your boys is amazing. LOVE it!
I was laughing at your comment that you are ready for autumn, we are anxiously awaiting spring! It's snowing again today...bleh.
Wonderful job this week Rene!

Bev said...

I love the pictures. You know later on down when Caide is older he will ask when you had the talk with him, now you can tell him the exact date.

dawn said...

Great pictures this week. The one of all boys is amazing. I would frame that and put it up. I love keeping old toys too. I love the orange too, your room is beautiful. We are waiting for spring, that's one thing I love about this blog, all kinds of people and places we get to visit. Have a great week.

Chele said...

Ugh...I am dreading "the talk" with my son. He is 11 so I feel like it is just around the corner. Trying to get brave and decide on which literature to use! I am jealous you got it over with already!

debbie said...

You definitely need to frame that picture of your boys! Love it! Your dining room looks like a picture out of a magazine - beautiful. Aaahhh, "the talk." My husband took care of that with our oldest son last year. Of course it's not just a one time topic of discussion. We've both had the chance to answer questions as they continue to come to his mind. ;)

heididh33 said...

Thanks so much! Your photos are always great!!!

Emily said...

Wonderful picture of your boys in the tall grass!

It's hard to wrap my mind around getting ready for fall! Always enjoy your posts Rene!

Joyfulmomofmany said...

Rene'... such a great variety of photos again this week. And, I too *love* the picture of your sons. Do you use Photoshop Elements (not free, but available as a free trial) or Picassa (free)? I think that photo would look great in B&W~ you might have fun experimenting with that! I answered your question about my camera on the comments of my blog.. not sure if you saw that, but I hate to repeat myself here if you did! LOL!

Nice job this week!


Anonymous said...

Hi angel, so nice to see such lovely pics and with you in them this time! I definately want the one of the boys! Can't wait to see you all tomorrow......love you all! x x

ursula Uphof said...

Love following your pics. enjoy your boys. I have 4 sons all grown up with families of their own.and now enjoy the time when we can get together as 2 live overseas. Have a wonderful blessed Easter

Cariena said...

wow! Rene, you are really taking beautiful pictures! and your life is beautiful! appreciate it and thank God for all your blessings!

chilli pip said...

Such lovely pics and I can remember as if it was yesterday the TALK i had to have with my daughter about the birds and the bees