Wednesday, May 5, 2010

My first challenge I am hosting at Scrapbook Challenges.

Hi all. Just wanted to share a layout I am posting over at Scrapbook Challenges. This is the first challenge I am hosting as a DT member, and I am super excited about it!

The challenge is a Mother's Day Inspiration Challenge, and I must say this is quite an easy one for me, cause I LOVE my Mom!! So to do a layout based on her was a pleasure and an honour. I am not able to share the wording on my layout over at Scrapbook Challenges, so I thought I would share it here. This is what I have to say about my Mom.

I love my Mom, I respect my Mom and I admire my Mom. She is certainly not perfect and has made some mistakes in her life-time, but it is how she has dealt with her life circumstances that has made me love her so much. She raised us almost single handily, and raised us to become good people, with a conscience and sense of self worth. It is because of her that I strive to be a better Mom to my kids every day! I strive to provide them with a comfortable home where they know they will always be safe and loved. I am so happy for my Mom that she has now found love with Trevor. They are good for each other and I hope that they have many happy and fun years together. I love that Mom and I are now best friends, we confide in each other and support each other in everything that life throws at us. Mom you have always been my rock. I love you for that!

And here is my page:

If you are looking for a good challenge or some brilliant sketches and a wonderful group of talented ladies then come and become a member of Scrapbook Challenges.

Hope this has inspired you to create a layout about your own Mom.

Just wanted to say to my Mom. I love you with all my heart!! x

P.S. This page is based on a sketch by the amazing Jana Eubank! You can see her awesome work at her blog FROM MY FEATHERED NEST


RosesMarijke said...

Very beautiful Rene....your mum is amazing!!

Anonymous said...

Oh wow....thank you my darling,you made me cry! Your words really meant the world to me and I love you so much for telling the "world"! You are my heart!! And you ARE doing a really good jobba so far with being a really special mom.
I love you and cant wait to see you!

Jackie said...

Very beautiful :)

salme said...

So beautiful! Will definitely try this!

salme said...

A great tribute to your mom!

Ilene said...

Gorgeous LO! And congrats again on making the team - I hope you have a lot of fun with it :)

Jana Eubank said...

Gorgeous page, Rene!!! :D