Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Project Life ~ 17 May - 23 May

Tuesday...so it's Project Life Time. I am a bit late in posting my photos this week. It's test week for Caide this week, and lots of other activities on the go, so busy busy busy!! Only 2 weeks until they go on holiday for 5 weeks, so happy about that!! Thanks for stopping by again, would love to know what you think about our week here in South Africa!

17 May:

Wanted to get a photo of the boy's hands. All very similar, and exactly like their Dad's! They also have his feet!

18 May:

This is one of the wonderful farm scenes we pass on our way to pick up the boys from school. It is such a picturesque drive, and we are blessed to have the boy's school - Uelzen, in such a rural and beautiful setting!

19 May:

Caide & Bryce were spinning tops in the drive-way this afternoon. I thought this would be the perfect idea for my POTD. I am SUPER happy with the way this photo turned out. The top is in perfect focus, and you can see all the grubby details of Caide's foot. He really is in need of a pedi!!

20 May:

I love this action shot of Bryce during one of his hockey games. We were in Newcastle for the 2nd day in a row today, this time for Bryce's mini-hockey tournament (yesterday it was for one 20 minute Bulletjies rugby game!). Bryce played really well, and got more involved with the action. Proud of you my boy! x

21 May:

Ray LOVES his X-Box! I love that he has this hobby that he enjoys so much. It is what he does to unwind after a long hard week at work! So happy that he doesn't need to be out at the pub or on the golf course all weekend like some other husbands do!

22 May:

The boys were playing in the back garden this afternoon. Caide was pushing Jamie on his tricycle, and they were chasing Bryce. Bryce rushed inside and said "Mom, come and take a photo of us!". I love when they think their little activities are worth remembering!

23 May:

We were officially welcomed into the Methodist Church this morning, which was lovely. Afterwards we came home and Ray cooked us a delicious lunch!! Love the fact that on the weekends my special hubby takes over the cooking responsibilities. Especially when he looks so cute wearing his apron!!

Thanks for stopping by, I look forward to checking out what you have all been up to in the past week. x
P.S. If you click on the photo you can see a much bigger version of it.


The Allens said...

Wow, those are really fun pictures. Thank you for the sweet comment.

dawn said...

I love your pictures again this week. You always have a little of everything. I like the idea of their hands together, I need to do that. Two of my kids have their dads hands and feet also. That scenery photo is just beautiful, love to see your falltime arriving. My kids have some beautiful nursery's to see on their way to school. Great photo of the top it's perfect, good job on that one. Your boys are so sweet to want their picture and always seem to play nice together, don't they ever fight? My dear husband cooks on the weekends too, nice for us moms to have a break.

I read the post below too about the tattoo that is so so sweet. You have a great husband. Love the layout you did for it. Have a another good week.

Delane said...

Wonderful pictures Rene. I love the one of your boys hands, such a sweet reminder of how small they are right now! The one with the top is amazing - love it!
Have a great week, soak up some sun for me!

salme said...

Great photos!!!

debbie said...

Great photos, as always! I especially like the one of the 3 boys playing. They look so happy together. I love watching our 3 boys playing together -- age differences don't seem to matter sometimes. Thanks for stopping by!

Susan said...

Great pictures Rene!

I always enjoy seeing your boys.

Thanks for your kind words of encouragement.

I so appreciate your prayers too.


Angela said...

Thanks so much for visiting my blog! Your pics are great!

Cariena said...

stunning photos!! especially that one with the TOP!!! wow! can't believe that you got that in focus!! xx