Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Project Life ~ 3 May - 9 May

For the first time since starting this project I am feeling a bit behind!! We were away this weekend, so I feel like I am running a bit backwards this week! So my journaling is going to be short & sweet!

3 May:

It is starting to look a lot like Autumn around here. In this photo I was trying to capture all the leaves on the grass behind the boys, didn't work out so well!

4 May:

I finally got my new phone! I decided to go for a bit of a downgrade with my upgrade this time. The thinking behind this move was so that I could get vouchers for the difference to put towards a new camera lens. It is a Samsung Corby and is a touch screen, it is taking me some time to get used to it!!

5 May:

Dean (Bryce's friend from Ichthus) came and played for a bit after school today. The boys decided a game of soccer was in order. It was nice for them to do something a bit different in the afternoon!

6 May:

Today Bryce and I drove through to Ladysmith for his hockey tournament. It was a long but fun afternoon. His team played 3 games, lost 1 and won 2. He played in goals for the first game,which was a bit of a change for him. In the 2nd and 3rd game he was able to play up a bit more which was better.

7 May:

We drove down to Pennington today, for our special anniversary weekend. We left at 11:00am and only got down to Pennington at about 5:15pm. We stopped in Pietermaritzburg on the way down so that I could get my new lens and some lovely scrapping goodies. It was a long, but very good day!!

8 May:

Today was a fabulous day. You know how when you really look forward to something, it usually doesn't turn out quite as nicely as you had hoped it would. Today was exactly what I had hoped it would be. In the morning Ray went and got his wedding band tattoo, and the rest of the day we spent shopping. Just Ray and I, and it was lovely. The evening was spent in our lovely garden cottage at Selbourne and having a delicious dinner. It was Divine to have some "us" time!!

9 May:

Today was our 12 year Anniversary and Mother's Day! We started the day off with a yummy big breakfast at Selbourne and then spent the rest of the day at the golf range with the rest of the family. It was a full, fun & wonderful day. We only got back to Dundee at 6:00pm! Overall it was a wonderful weekend!!

Thanks so much for stopping by again this week. Hope your last week wasn't quite as hectic as mine!!

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Delane said...

Yeah, I get to be first!
So glad you and your hubby got a night alone!
Love that you are finally getting your fall weather! We are still waiting for spring! It snowed about 7 inches yesterday and is still going...so sad about this!
Glad you had a nice mothers day! You deserve it!

dawn said...

I love the borders around your page now, so pretty. How cool to see your autumn pictures. We love soccer at our house too. How nice for you two to get away for your anniversary. I love the scrapbooking goodies you bought. Nice to hear your mother's day was good. I also looked at the below posts of your layouts and cards and WOW you are an amazing scrapbooker. Great job. Have a good week.

Susan said...

Great week!!

Loved all your pics.


Bev said...

Great Pics. Looks like you had a great week!

Chele said...

Great pictures this week! I too have a Samsung touch phone. It took me several days to get used to it, but now I love it! Have had it almost a year and no complaints! :)

amanda said...

Autumn? Aaargh! We are still optimistic about spring here. :) How are you liking your new lens?

Sharon Keanly said...

I enjoy reading your Project Life Rene. So interesting. Love the pics of the family. Pleased you had a wonderful anniversary and Mother's Day. hugs Sharon

Becki said...

Hi Rene!

Thanks for stopping by my blog. We did have a FABULOUS time at the concert.

I LOVE fall. My favorite season! Waiting on spring to get here and stay here! Warm and then very cold, over and over!

Happy Mother's Day and Anniversary to you and your husband. I LOVE "just us" time!

Have a great week!

Anonymous said...

It was so nice to spend time with my 3 special boys while you had your "alone" time darling. So glad that you enjoyed it and that it all went according to plan! The house is so empty and I miss you all so much! Love you all

heididh33 said...

Happy Anniversary!!!! Love the pictures! (And your new profile pic!)

Diane H said...

love all these pics this week...so much happiness in them :)