Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Project Life ~ 10 May - 16 May

It's that time of the week again. This week looks like it is going to be crazy busy too. Bryce has sport away 3 times this week! Caide is starting his end of term tests and we are trying to get Jamie into a bit of a routine going to pre-school twice a week. Thanks for stopping by to look at my photos again this week!

10 May:

My drive-way is constantly in a mess at the moment, but it is a lovely mess. Our little town is really so pretty in autumn!! I am loving the changing of the seasons!!

11 May:

Jamie had his first day at pre-school today. It went a lot better than I expected it too!! We realised when we were down in Pennington this past weekend, seeing him with his cousins that he really doesn't know how to interact with children his own age!! He is used to being around his older brothers, and when he is around smaller kids he doesn't know what to do with himself!! I am happy he is going to be getting some more stimulation too! There were a few tears, but not too many!

12 May:

I ADORE these gorgeous orange honey-suckle plants that grown on the wall by our front door. They make such a stunning show, and certainly add a lot of prettiness to the front appearance of our house!

13 May:

I had to take a photo of our first (small) frost to record what is happening with our seasons. This global warming thing is VERY scary!! I can remember years ago, that by this time of the year it was really cold already, we had had many harsh frosts by now!! Ray spoke to a farmer who said our season is at least a month behind where we should be. Each winter it gets warmer and warmer. I shudder to think what it is going to be like in the years to come!

14 May:

Jamie loves to play in the bath!!! If you just give him a few little plastic containers, he could play for hours! I love it when he gets totally absorbed in what he is doing. So happy to capture this moment.

15 May:

We had a really lazy start to the day this morning, it was lovely!! The boys stayed in their p.j's until quite late into the morning, and had a blast playing with their Lego again. I LOVE the fact that they have rediscovered their love for their Lego. Seems like I am taking quite a few photos of them with their creations in the last month or so!

16 May:

This morning we were running late for church, again!! We always seem to run late when we go to church. Anyway, I was running out of time to do all my chores and asked Caide if he would hang up the bit of washing for me. He of course agreed! Caide really is my helper boy, and I rely on him quite heavily for certain things. Our relationship has improved so much this year, and I am overjoyed that we are loving each other again. His year at Ichthus put an awful strain on us, and I am so happy that this has changed! Love you special boy!

Thanks so much for stopping by again this week. Hope you are all continuing with your Project Life photos, this really is an awesome way to capture your families memories!


Anonymous said...

I'm first today! Lovely pics of the boys again darling....just love them all! Enjoy the mild winter so far...when it comes it will probably be freezing...real "gown" weather!
Hope you have a more relaxed day and will talk to you soon. Love and miss you all lots and lots!

Sharon Keanly said...

A lovely read once again Rene. Enjoy looking at your pics. Can't wait for next week. Take care, hugs Sharon

dawn said...

I love seeing your pictures. I love fall so it's nice to see your leaves. We have a rainy spring right now, waiting for some nice warm weather to come and stay. You have a beautiful yard,flowers, house. That's a cute first day of prek picture, so sad when the last one goes. Your boys are so cute. I love seeing all the lego creations, keep them coming. I'm coming back later to look at your scrapbook layouts might have to scraplift some this week. Have a great week again.

Diane H said...

Great to see life in another country...not all that different to us here in Australia :)

Amy said...

My little guy loves Legos too. I have never seen orange honeysuckle. Everytime I smell honeysuckle I think about being on my great grandparents farm and the little bridge crossing a creek where it grew.

Sarah K said...

It's so strange to see it turning to winter in your photos when we're over here itching for spring to transition to summer! :)

Such cute photos, once again! I think my favorite is the lazy lego morning!

Emily said...

So fun to see that it's autumn where you are!

Delane said...

Great pictures Rene!
I think winter is stuck on our side of the world...it's still snowing here and it should be long gone. Crazy!
So glad you and Caide are in a better spot, I'm sure that was horrible for you both!
Have a nice week!