Monday, May 23, 2011

Project Life: Week 16/05-22/05

NapTime MomTog Project 365

I am still totally on board with this project and am enjoying every moment of it. Thanks for stopping by to view my photos!!

MONDAY: I got such good news today. I won a copy of Creating Keepsakes - Creative Spaces magazine on Kim Watson's blog. I have never won one of these give-aways, so am over the moon. Can't wait for my mag to arrive in the post!!

TUESDAY: Jamie was sitting at my desk early this morning, and the sun from the window was catching the side of his face. I just had to take a photo, and am SO glad I did!!

WEDNESDAY: The long awaited RC cars arrived yesterday, and Ray & Caide have been hard at work putting them together. They are amazing little machines which the boys built from scratch!! They go like a bomb!

THURSDAY: Our bathroom renovation is finally over and we are so happy with the way it turned out. They started last week Monday and only finished today, but it was worth the inconveniece. We are all going to use this room loads now, when it was hardly used before!

FRIDAY: I wanted to take a photo of chicken a.k.a. Escapee Artist (as we call her) next to the lovely garden sign I got as part of my Mother's Day gift. She is the only chicken that manages to get out of the hock, and has become another pet!!

SATURDAY: Ray and Brent took the bigger boys to a rally event that was held just out of town. Apparently it was such an awesome experience, and the boys all had a magic morning. Next year Jamie and I will go and watch the start which is apparently quite something to watch!

SUNDAY: My first little green peppers have started appearing on one or two of the plants. I am so loving this vegetable gardening experience, and get so excited when each new vegetable appears. I just wish the kids and Ray would get more excited about it!!

I hope you have enjoyed your time here at my blog :)


Jerusha said...

Love your pictures each week! Nice to see what is going on in your corner of the world. LOVE the new bathroom, it looks amazing!!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful photos. Yay for winning that magazine. Hubby likes to build rc cars also. Love your bathroom. Gorgeous!

packmom said...

Your new bathroom looks perfect! Love the chicken and the pepper growing in your garden--very fun!

bluestorm said...

Hey NĂ©
Wow, another busy week! Congrats on winning the magazine - looks like a good one. Your chicken is just too cute - I never thought I'd say that about poultry! Just finished my cardi and am busy sewing the buttons in place and sewing the ends in. I'll send you a pic as soon as I've blocked it.
Lots of love!

Anonymous said...

Hi my love! Well done on winning the mag - you have your grans winning streak! Love all the other pics too, especially the oh so beautiful boy!! He is getting too cute for words. Glad the other two have got their cars...they are so clever to be able to put them together.....just like Poppy! And as for the is stunning..cant wait to have my turn! As long as I dont have to compete with madam escapee! Have fun and enjoy it all darling. Love you and miss you all lots and lots. xx

dawn said...

WOW the bathroom is gorgeous. Good job on your first peppers. My hubby just planted the garden this weekend. So funny to hear how you like gardening more then all your boys. At my house only my hubby loves it and my kids are ok about it but for me I just don't get into it. Good luck on the rest of your veggies growing and how yummy they will be for you. Have a great week.

Alison said...

Glad you're enjoying your garden Rene...the photos are, as always, the cardi too1
Alison xx

Susan said...

Hey Rene,

Thanks for your kind comments. They really mean a lot.

Now...that picture of your son is just STUNNING!!

I love visting your site.

You are a very talented lady. Those sweaters are AMAZING.

And congrats on your win!!

Helen Tilbury said...

Very nice! Love the chicken one the best!! You know you can screengrab stuff off the screen using your snip tool (in all programs) if you are on windows 7, then save as a jpeg :)