Monday, April 11, 2011

Project Life: Week 04/04-10/04

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So happy that you have decided to stop by again this week. It was a lovely relaxing week, one I really enjoyed!!

MONDAY: After some encouragement from my Mom I have decided to start recyling my rubbish, and it really has been quite an eye-opening experience. In the week since I have started I have only gathered half a rubbish bin of stuff that I will actually throw away, the rest can be recycled!!! I feel so good that I am now doing this, my little bit to improve the environment!!

TUESDAY: We had a lovely day today, it was nice and cool, even a little chilly, and I managed to score the day off work. They kids had a lovely day playing with toys they hadn't played with for ages. Here Bryce is being creative with his Hot Wheel cars!! We also went for a nice long walk. It was a wonderful day!!

WEDNESDAY: I am so enjoying the cooler weather this week. It is so much more enjoyable to weed my veggie patch when it's not sweltering hot!! Bryce took this photo for me, and did a great job!! In the back-ground are my lovely Brinjals, they have grown SO well. In the fore-front are my newly planted Green Peppers.

THURSDAY: I made some chocolate muffins this morning, and Jamie climbed into the mixing bowl to eat the left-over mixture. What more can I say...too cute for words!!

FRIDAY: Caide is extremely gifted when it comes to building things, and his latest creation is no expection. He got it into his head to build Jamie a horse from this old piece of tressle that was lying around. How very very clever my boy!! Jamie loves it, so proud of your creativity :)

SATURDAY: It was an event called Talana Live this afternoon, so we headed up to the museum for a lovely afternoon out!! There was a talk on the Boer War, dog show, games for the kids and a lovely tea garden. We took Nadia with us and the kids had a ball together, it was lovely!

SUNDAY: Brycie decided he wanted to help Ray cook the steak for lunch today. He grabbed an apron, which was way too big for him!! We had to tie it up in the back, it ended up looking like a dress, it was quite funny!! :)

Thanks for dropping by!! To those that leave comments, you really make my day!! :)


Carmela Biscuit said...

Your kids are adorable :)
Have another nice week!

Jerusha said...

Love the pictures! It is nice to see every day life in a different country. I think the thing he is using to cook the steak is very neat. I have never seen anything like it! And your garden looks amazing!

Anonymous said...

All wonderful photos this week. Love the I'm cool one. So neat. Thanks for linking up.

Sharon Keanly said...

I love your Project Life posts... as if you didn't know...LOL They are so interesting. Lovely seeing you working in your garden. Good girl, you doing your bit for the environment, I'm impressed! Have a fabulous week, tons of hugs, Sharon xx

Alison said...

Great post the 'I am cool' one!
Alison xx

Jessica said...

oh Rene' you have such a blessed life! Looks like a wonderfully fun and relaxing week. I just love that photo of your son and the cars...they seem to be so creative; how wonderful! Thanks for the peak into your life this week!

scrapinbabygal said...

Such a wonderful week of photos! Love the hot wheels and muffins photo!!

Christie said...

Hello Rene!

Again, I LOVE LOVE your photos. I adore your son and all his cars 'I'm cool'.

I long to be doing what you are doing shortly (planting flowers/plants).

Thanks for the peek into your life this past week. I look forward to it.

Have a great week!!!

Mary said...

I have been wanting to get my recycling situation under control. I love how neat your cans look. Now I just need to figure out where to put them! I agree with Jerusha too. The little grill that you have is really interesting. I haven't ever seen something like that. I kind of like how small it is!

packmom said...

Love your garden! I was supposed to weed this week too but it was too windy out. Your son is so creative with those hot wheels--very cool, and I love the last shot with the over-sized apron.

Veronica said...

Great Pictures! have a good week!

Bridgett said...

great recycling center! & i love the pic. with the cars spelling