Monday, April 25, 2011

Project Life: Week 18/04-24/04

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So glad you are here again. It really was a wonderful week for me, one of my favourite so far this year!

MONDAY: I have tried to create a potting bench outside the back door. There is a lovely area there, that is ideal, I just now need to find the right table. This one will just have to do for now!

TUESDAY: This gorgeous dragonfly was on the floor next to my car at work this morning. It was the biggest one I have ever seen, and was quite beautiful!!

WEDNESDAY: Jamie made these adorable little bunny ears at school today. He and his friends all looked so cute playing and running around with their ears on. He also got a little Easter egg to bring home. He loves his school!

THURSDAY: I nearly forgot to take a photo today, but thankfully remembered!! I decided to take a photo of the boys after they got back from hockey practise, all hot & sweaty, but still so handsome :)

FRIDAY: Mom & Trev arrived today, and we are ALL so happy that they are here!! I love to watch how the boys just glow when they get to spend quality time with them. Mom taught the boys had to play patience with cards, and both Caide & Bryce played game after game!!

SATURDAY: We decided to take Mom & Trev to the Lodge this afternoon. They had never been there, and we thought it would be nice to sit on the verandah and have a milkshake. It was a wonderful afternoon out, and we just sat and chatted for a good few hours. I have so enjoyed the wonderful quiet time we have had together!!

SUNDAY: The boys were spoilt by the Easter bunny again this year!! They had a lovely hunt, and had great fun running around the garden in search of eggs. We had a lovely roast chicken cooked on the Webber for lunch, and spent a lovely relaxing day together.

Thanks so much for sharing my week with me. I hope yours has been wonderful too!!!


Kristen said...

Lovely shot! Love that dragonfly!

bluestorm said...

Awesome photo's once again Ne'. So good to see that the boys had fun with Mom there.
Lots of love!

Sharon Keanly said...

Lovely lovely lovely pics my friend. You and your Mom look like sisters... I love your little working corner with your gardening tools. It's just gone 5.12pm and it is FREEZING in Cape Town. Going to put on my jarmies and warm my hottie... can you believe it! Hugs Sharon x

Anonymous said...

I love them all, but that dragonfly is awesome. Great photos this week. Thanks for linking up.

Helen Tilbury said...

What beautiful photos Rene! Lovely to have a peek into your life every so often - love the little potting area - looks really quaint!!

packmom said...

Love, love, love your potting bench. It's perfect. Your boys are so handsome and looks like they had a great Easter.

Christie said...

It looks like you had a wonderful Easter Weekend. Nice your mom could be there. Once again, some lovely photos. Love that dragonfly!

dawn said...

Beautiful pictures this week, love seeing your handsome boys. What a great shot of that dragonfly, bet the boys like that one. How fun to have a little potting corner all neat and organized for gardening. Looks like you had great family time this week. Have another good week and thanks for sharing.

Kelly Noel said...

your photos are so great!!

Jessica said...

I just LOVE your photo of your gardening corner! It makes me want to just sit and hang out there. I so wish I had a corner like that! I'm feeling good, sort of beginning to show; but it is still hard to imagine there is really a baby in my belly. We heard the heart beat for the first time today and that was amazing! Have a fabulous weekend!

Alison said...

Love your photos again Rene...that dragonfly is fabulous!
Alison xx