Monday, March 12, 2012

Project Life Week 5/3- 11/3

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My jug of tea and Jamie's little mug!

Hockey club has begun, so on Tuesday and Thursday night it's hockey from 5-6 for Bryce and Caide. Bryce super organised as usual!

Our sweet baby hadeda sat next to my "Jemima Puddleduck" (my MIL who passed last year gave her to me for Christmas a while back, and this is what she named her), asking her for food, it was the sweetest thing ever!

Bryce got to dress as a teacher and go and teach his group of 6 kids about the cow today, doesn't he look so smart?!?

Jamie and I haven't been well for the last 2 days, we have enjoyed the time at home together!

Ray made us curry for the first time, it was delicious!

We had a lovely walk around the Museum and then lunch at Jenny's, it was lovely to spend time together as a family with Bee and Pa!

So how was your week last week?? Can't wait to see!! I hope the week ahead is good for you too, we have had some lovely rain, so I am smiling!! :)


Hannelie said...

Thanks ... enjoyed your photo's once again!

bluestorm said...

Gorgeous photos NĂ©. I'm absolutely in love with the one of the baby hadeda - when you told me the story the other day I couldn't stop talking about it afterwards (just ask Geoff!!). Bryce did an awesome job with his poster for teaching day - I hope the teaching itself went well too. Glad you and Jamie are feeling better now - at least you had a cheery little soul to keep you company while you were at home.
Have a great week and I'll chat to you soon!
Lots of love

Linda said...

Dear Rene'
This is a lovely post, our little Kye also has his own small mug for morning tea. The photo of the baby hadeda is so sweet!
I do hope you and Jamie feel better soon my dear friend.
Love and light to you
xo xo
PS that curry looks amazing!

Anonymous said...

Hi my love, what I wouldn't give to be sharing a cuppa with you right now....counting the sleeps too! Your pics are so cute love, the boys are growing so tall, Caide is now leaving you is scary, and as for the little teacher and organiser...keep him small...forever! Your new baby is just so cute...must be quite confusing for him dont you think.
Tell Ray we look forward to sampling that curry over the weekend...before you know it he will be trying out for master chef!
Take care my love and hope you and Jamie are all better now. I love and miss you and thank you for your messages, they mean a lot! Love you lots and lots

Sussie B said...

Lovely photo's, I also loves to take photos. Now I'm a follower and I found your blogaddress at "The outlawz"

You are welcome to visit


Secret Mom Thoughts said...

Love your mug of tea. Looks like a fun week.

Sharon said...

Beautiful pics my friend, I so enjoy this little glimpse into your lives. Such a lovely family, you are so blessed! Curry is my fave... not tooo hot though hey... YO, some of my friends like it when the steam comes out their ears!!!! Not for me...LOL I should actually place a pic of my new teapot, milk jug and sugar bowl I bought over the weekend... I just love pretty things, like drinking tea out of special teacups, etc. hugs Sharon xx

Anonymous said...

Great shots. Sorry you weren't feeling well but glad you got to spend some time resting. That last photo is great.

Alison said...

Hope you are both feeling better..another great set of pics!
Alison xx

packmom said...

Love the picture of you and your little guy snuggling in bed. Sorry you were sick though. Great family shot. Isn't wonderful to have boys that are super organized? My oldest is like that too. Now if the others would follow suit.

camilla said...

We love curry at our house. Love your photos!

Jules said...

Lovely photos! So sweet to get a peek into your life on the other side of the world (I'm in UK). Thanks for sharing!

dawn said...

Hello and Happy Tuesday again.
I love seeing your photos and how busy those boys keep you. I can't believe it's hockey time now, love that photo by the way. Sorry to hear you two were sick but what a sweet photo of you both. How fun to be a teacher and teach the kids about cows, that's awesome.
It's always nice to have family outings isn't it.
Enjoy the rain you are getting and have a good week.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos! A real 'slice of life'.

Miriam Rodriguez said...

thank you for sharing, enjoyed all your lovely photos, thank you for visiting my blog and your comment!!! BTW I love that pretty blue mug :)

Kelli said...

oooh curry. love. you always have the best sounding food :) love the family shot and the snuggle time :) great week capture :)