Monday, March 19, 2012

Projet Life 12/3-18/3

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Thanks for dropping by again this week!!

Jamie = Ray Mesterio, Bryce = Big Show: Doing a wrestling show for Mom. Love it!!

Bryce and his special friend Nadia went around the neighborhood assessing the litter problem for an LO task.

Jamie loves to stack these blocks, and for his age, I think he has a pretty steady hand!! He called me to show me how he was going to knock them down. Very exciting!

It was the Games Evening at the boys school tonight, it is a big fundraiser for the school. Here Debbie (Ray's sister) was helping Jamie play a game.

One of our sweet chickens that lay us the most delicious eggs!

Ray found a good second hand P51 Mustang to replace the one he crashed a few weeks ago.

It was a cooler day today, lovely!! Ray decided to make some Chocolate Clusters from his Mom's recipe. He got very heart sore missing her!

So what did you get up to last week??

The week ahead is going to be a busy, but good one for us. Caide has a leadership course at the school on Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday. Wednesday is a public holiday for us here in South Africa. Yay mid-week break!! Then on Friday Caide leaves on his Treverton hockey tour, and they break up for their 17 day Easter holiday. Yipeee, happy me!!


Hannelie said...

Thanks again for sharing!
My brother is a big model aeroplane fanatic!
Love that choc clusters, we used to call it 'modderkoekies'!
Have a great wekk!

bluestorm said...

THE CHOCOLATE CLUSTERS!!!!!!!!!!!! I neeeeeeeeeeed Ray to make those when we're up there for Easter!

Your pics are awesome as always NĂ©. Love the one of Jamie and Bryce wrestling - such boys! And yes, Jamie's hand is incredibly steady for such a young age. I do hope the chickens have been forewarned that we'll be up there soon so they need to up their game on their egg-laying stakes.

Have an awesome week and I think we need to start counting sleeps till Geoff and I arrive along with the Easter Bunny!

Love ya!

Sharon said...

Beautiful pics honey. Just love this little peek into your life. Lekker chocolate clusters...ohhh! Have a great week. hugs Sharon xx

Lori @ Photograph Life said...

Loving that first picture, great shot!
Great week in photos!

Anonymous said...

Great shots. Love the action in that first one! Looks like a great week. Beautiful chicken and those clusters look yummy!

packmom said...

Love that you put the hand written recipe in the picture with the cookies--what a great way to remember her. I think its cool you have your own chickens too. There is nothing like fresh eggs.

Kim @ Little by Little said...

What lovely chickens! I love their rusty color. The chocolate clusters look very tasty too!

Gina @ Gigi Marie Photography said...

What a great little builder you have there. My son would do the same thing- amazing how creative they can be with blocks.

homeschoolceo said...

Love your fun shots! Looks like a happy family ;)

Cordial Chaos said...

Great shots! That first one is priceless :)

Miriam Rodriguez said...

wonderful pictures!! thank you for sharing!!

Kelli said...

um yum, those cookies look amazing! i love the all your photos the pictures are so bright and clear. our kiddos have a science fair on friday it sounds a lot like your game night thing, so fun!

scrapinbabygal said...

Hi!! Gorgeous photos!! I love chicken and the one with hubby and the airplane! Looks like a wonderful week!

April said...

great photos! and memories to with them

chilli pip said...

More great pictures , love Jamies expression in the wrestling picture .